The Eye

“The Eye” is a movie starring Jessica Alba based on a Chinese film with the same title. Well, actually it’s “Ging Gwai” in Chinese. The movie had two basic storylines.

The first one was about Alba’s character adjusting to her eyes, after she just got a cornea transplant.

The second one is about her ability to see ghosts with her strange new eyeballs. The ghosts scare the crap out of her, and lets face it, me. Quite possibly you.

Now I have no problem with ghost movies. I’m not much of a horror movie guy to tell the truth, but I pity Alba’s character. She’s been blind almost her entire life, and when she gets new eyes to see again, she’s excited and can’t wait to get the gift of sight, but the poor chick sees dead people taunting her 24/7.

This movie really scared the crap out me. It had enough of its own jumping moments. One minute it’s really quiet, and then BAM a ghost is in your face screaming.

The movie did have a lot of its scary moments, but I was left satisfied in the end. After she solved her own little crisis, she was able to be a paranormal superhero. Almost in the way Bruce Willis was a superhero at the end of Unbreakable.

One thing happened when watching this movie though. Like 4 minutes before it was finished, I accidentally spoiled the ending…

That’s all for today, peace out!

  • Jessica Alba was nicknamed “Obi-Wan” on the set.
  • The lead character was originally going to be played by Renee Zellweger

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