College Road Trip

Martin Lawrence and Raven Symone star in this family film about a father and daughter driving across the country looking at different college campuses.  Originally, Raven’s character wanted to go on a “road trip” with her two bests friends, but her father was worried about how much trouble she would get into, and felt it was his duty to protect her.  Martin plays the chief of police in this film.  This is hilarious, because every other movie this man has been in, he has played a cop, that’s not even a joke, he has.

Halfway through the trip, Martin Lawrence found out that his son has tagged along for the trip, as well as his pet pig.  The pig in the film was funny at bits and pieces, but it truly was the most ridiculous part of the film.  There was no need for the pig.  Throughout the film, I had the feeling that this really did feel like “Are We There Yet?” or “RV.”  Basic trip with the family, and eerily happy family that sings.

This movie is rated “G” not even “PG” so I had little hopes for this film, obviously.  Though it really shined.  I haven’t seen a “G” rated film that was this good in years!  Sure it wasn’t a blockbuster, but it doesn’t have to be, it’s a family movie.  Most critics look lowly on family films.  I can see where they get it, but I think family films are better than what critics make them out to be.  The only thing I was a little iffy about was the title.  “College Road Trip.”  The name makes you think otherwise, and it made me think otherwise when I first heard it.  It makes you think it will be made by National Lampoon’s or something, and it’s not.  It’s Disney.

Overall, it was good, a lot better than I thought it would be.  I give it four stars, and would recommend this to any families out there that are just looking for a good time, go see this. You’ll have a good laugh.  Peace Out.

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