Superhero Movie

Drake Bell plays what basically seems to be Toby Maguire’s role in the Spider-man movie franchise.  The movie spoofs what is basically the first Spiderman film.  It has tidbits here and there from other superhero movies, but seriously, not much at all.

To get right down to it, spoof movies have been made for decades.  When they started out, they were classics, movies like Airplane! And Naked Gun.  These films are ones everyone will remember.  Ever since they started movies like “Scary Movie,” and spinoffs of the like, it has been getting worse and worse.  They stretch it out way too far to the point of asking yourself why you went to the movie in the first place.

When this came out, I thought what I basically think when these spoof movies come out, oh, maybe this will be good.  Nope.  Another flop, just like the rest.  This movie let me down.  I love superhero movies, and I was almost positive this would be something I would at least like.  I never thought I’d dislike it at all.

The acting was horrible.  Why did they even bring Leslie Nielson into this film at all?  Was it because of his role in basically every other spoof movie ever made?  His role was small in this, if they are bringing in a celebrity like him, at least give him a better role.  The best part of this movie was the soundtrack, that’s it.  They got the music spot on, almost sounded like they ripped it right out of Spider-man’s soundtrack, and tweaked it up here and there.

Drake may have just ruined his career with this movie. Not likely because of his previous success.  But I think he knew how bad it would turn out.  I’m thinking that could possibly be why he decided to grow a hideous beard, and where glasses.  Weird. Must have been so no one would recognize him in the streets.

I gave this film two and a half stars, basically just because I didn’t HATE it, but I really didn’t like it too much.  I probably won’t watch it again.  But don’t waste your money on this.  See something else.  Peace Out

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