Vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for the new rating style

Graded on a 100-point scale instead of a generic 5-star guide, this will probably have a marker where the movie is graded, and the rest above it will be more semi-transparent. This will take more work. I can give you an example in a little bit if you need to see it in action. If you don’t, vote below – 100pt system or 5-star?

7 thoughts on “Vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for the new rating style

    1. Yeah, I love the idea of 100 point system, but it really is hard work, each individual percent is an individual picture, but it’s more rewarding, as it gives the site just a little more uniqueness. Thanks for Commenting, Daniel


      1. I just thought of Tim the Film Guy, who uses it too. Whoops. Yeah, it’s a great thing! That’s true, it’ll definitely set you apart from other sites. I just simply put a number out of 100, so it doesn’t stand out or anything. The posters you make for films with your twitter name and your picture worked into it are unique and pretty hysterical, too.


  1. My biggest issue with 100 point scale is that it seems indistinguishable to post a 91 score compared to a 92. What makes up that one single point? Just seems a bit arbitrary to me.

    Personally, I think a 20 point scale is best (you could still do it out of 100 and just do every 5 points)


    1. Right, I thought of the same thing. I don’t know. It’s like I think….91…..or 92 and then ask myself which one *sounds* better. It’s like this. The most points for a .5/5 star rating is 10, the most points for a 1/5 star rating is a 20, 1.5 = 30 and so on. So right there I have an out of 10, then I set it so it fits right where it should in comparison to say…other 2.5 ratings


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