‘Blade’ (1998)



Back before the idea of vampires were butchered by the media, and changed into things that are barely recognizable as vampires anymore, there were some vampire TV shows like Buffy which were incredible, and then there was “Blade”. Now, “Blade” has to be one of the only movies based on a Marvel character that I haven’t watched.

 Wesley Snipes stars as our title character Blade, a vampire-human hybrid. His mother died giving birth to him after being bitten by a vampire, so clearly, that gave him supernatural abilities. Other vampires refer to Blade as a daywalker, because he is not effected by the weaknesses that full vampires are, such as garlic or sunlight.  Blade is a vampire hunter, so it is safe to assume that if he was living in Abraham Lincoln times, he and Lincoln would have fought side-by-side…right? So that is pretty much Blade’s entire goal…to just rid the world of vampire scum. Well there are three movies, So you already know he doesn’t accomplish his sole goal in this film.

 On the dark side of the world, there is an evil vampire counsel, planning something big for humans everywhere. It is up to Blade and Karen (N’Bushe Wright) to find out this prophesized plan and put an end to it once and for all.

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 Like many other movies, this film likes to start off with an action sequence to give the audience a good idea of what it is all about. Sometimes that is a good idea, and sometimes it’s not, if it is something a normal person, or the character wouldn’t normally do, then it’s a bad and lazy attempt to bring in viewers. However, the first scene in “Blade” is exciting, well done, and shows us what Blade is all about.

 There are some really great action sequences in this film. However, this film had the same problem that “Matrix Reloaded” had, too much action and too little of story. Which is likely why the film got such mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it got a whopping 55% from critics and nearly 80% from audience. The action really is fantastic a majority of the time, but it unfortunately has little story to support it. Okay, Blade wants to rid the world of vampire scum, but why? This needed more characterization, more story, and the series could have possibly benefitted greatly from an origin story. One scene of how he is born, and a later explanation just doesn’t pull enough weight.

 Snipes fit the character perfectly, and made the series what it was. I have to say I wasn’t expecting much of Snipe’s performance, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t necessarily say his acting in general was spot on, but for the specific role of Blade, it worked. The other roles in this film are sometimes good, sometimes not so much, but the only truly memorable role was Blade. If it weren’t for his performance, and for the captivating action sequences, there probably wouldn’t have been any sequels.

 In the long run, it definitely is a fun movie if nothing else.  I loved “Matrix Reloaded”, and I am pretty glad I didn’t review movies back then how I do now. I loved that film so much I memorized every fight scene in the film, I now only know one by heart (the chateau fight), which I practice every now and then just to see if I still got it. Sorry…off topic. “Blade” is a fun movie, I don’t sense much of Marvel either, other than then general idea that Marvel stories are typically more believable than DC.

 All in all. The action is razor sharp, but the story in “Blade” is more like a dull butter knife.


3 thoughts on “‘Blade’ (1998)

  1. I haven’t watched Blade in a long while. I lean more towards Del Toro’s film but the first is classic. Good write up! Thanks.


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