Lookout! it’s the ‘Lookout’ review (2007)

Joseph Gordon has made a pretty big name for himself recently, but what about some of his somewhat older material? One of his movies made back in 2007 was “The Lookout”. I have personally never heard of this film before, but I know that Levitt is excellent at his craft, so it’s time to see if he started off the same way.

 Four years ago, Chris Pratt (Levitt) was the victim of a pretty grisly car accident that damaged his memory, debilitating him in an unspeakable manner. Chris has to write things down in a small notebook in order to remember them. He soon gets a job as a janitor at a bank and becomes acquainted with a group of friends that probably weren’t the best influence. He winds up getting stuck in a bank heist job, as “the lookout” obviously. Things take a turn for the worst when he backs down, and has to resort to using his memory to get out alive.

 This movie was pretty good for me, but not phenomenal. I really enjoyed the brain injury part, but I’ve been spoiled too many times before with excellent bank-robber movies, to which this film kind of seems tame in comparison. I don’t believe the movie went into as much detail as it probably should have when dealing with the memory loss. Either I missed it, or they didn’t exactly say how long it takes for Chris to forget something after he has written it down. A day? An hour? Minutes? Seconds? I found myself a little shocked that they didn’t go over that. Instead, it focused primarily on the bank heist, and Chris’s relationship with different people, and how that changed over time when planning the heist.

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 When it comes to acting, I believe Levitt did a pretty good job here, I definitely wouldn’t say he shined as well as he has within the last two years, but he carried his own.  I thought it was pretty interesting that he worked with Jeff Daniels in this film as well as “Looper”. I didn’t know they worked together previously, and it’s good to know they have some believable qualities of friendship going on here. The writing was also pretty interesting. The entire writing things down thing was new and interesting, his relationship with his father seemed emotional and realistic. Finally, how he figures everything out in the end is pretty smart. So I would say the only real issue I had with this was the bank heist itself. There was something missing there, I don’t know what though.

 So did Levitt start off with the same amount of talent? Hard to say, because what if say, Shia Labeouf was offered the same role? For some reason, I could see Shia in this film as an early role as well. I think in either instance, the actor had a ways to go to meet their true potential in film yet. Overall, an interesting watch, you won’t be bored. So the next time you are at the video store, look out for “The Lookout”.

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