October Roundup – 58 Movies

October was one heck of a busy month, I’ll give you that. It may have been my busiest month yet. There were so many great films. I had six 5 star ratings, which is crazy for a single month, and I had five 1 star movies. So the fight to find the best/worst movie of the month was a tough one.

Best October Release (Winner and Runner Up)
other notable greats: Prometheus, Red Lights, & Sound of My Voice

Worst October Release (Winner and Runner Up)
other notable turds: Crazy Eyes, Greystone Park, & The Tortured

October DVD Releases: (37)

Theater/Misc: (21)

October Total: (58)   

  1.     247°F
  2.     A Few Good Men
  3.     Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  4.     Airborne
  5.     Barrens, The
  6.     Blade
  7.     Campaign, The
  8.     Catch Me If You Can
  9.     Chained
  10.     Chernobyl Diaries
  11.     Courier, The
  12.     Crazy Eyes
  13.     Dark Shadows
  14.     Disturbia
  15.     Excision
  16.     Failure to Launch
  17.     General Education
  18.     Greystone Park
  19.     Headshot
  20.     Hitch
  21.     Hole, The
  22.     Iron Sky
  23.     Last Ride
  24.     Little Miss Sunshine
  25.     Lookout, The
  26.     Looper
  27.     Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
  28.     Madea’s Witness Protection
  29.     Magic Mike
  30.     Miss Congeniality
  31.     Miss Congeniality 2
  32.     Moon
  33.     Moonrise Kingdom
  34.     My Cousin Vinny
  35.     Office Space
  36.     Peace, Love & Understanding
  37.     People Like Us
  38.     Primal Fear
  39.     Prometheus
  40.     Raven, The
  41.     Red Lights
  42.     Ring, The
  43.     Rock of Ages
  44.     Ruby Sparks
  45.     Safety Not Guaranteed
  46.     Séance: The Summoning
  47.     Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  48.     Sideways
  49.     Slumdog Millionaire
  50.     Sound of My Voice
  51.     Take this Waltz
  52.     That’s My Boy
  53.     Titanic 3D
  54.     Tortured, The
  55.     Werewolf: The Beast Among Us
  56.     Wrecked
  57.     Wrong Turn 5
  58.     Zodiac

Also note that some movies that you may have seen posted on the site recently aren’t on the list. That is because my system puts them into the November’s list of movies. That doesn’t mean I didn’t see as many movies as I say I did, because the last week of September, I watched October movies as well. It may seem confusing to you, but I don’t care. That’s how I roll.

Note: Before I created this WordPress, I created a similar post for last month on my personal blog. See it below.

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