‘Zodiac’ was killer (2007)


I’m not usually a big fan of true story films, but yes…there has been a few out there. I mostly don’t like them because there tends to be a lack in plot…just like real life. Does that mean I’m not open to seeing another true story film? Not at all, because when they are good, they are phenomenal. So next on the list of true-story-films to watch is “Zodiac“. It’s about a serial killer, and one of my all-time favorite genres in film is psychological thrillers, so let’s do this.

 The “Zodiac” in question refers to the real life Zodiac killer of the 1970’s. After we are introduced to his first kill of the movie, which was his second actual murder, the Zodiac sends a cyphered message to three newspapers. Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Paul Avery (Robert Downy Jr.) are a part of one of the newspapers that get on the case, and end up deciphering the message which didn’t lead them any closer to finding Zodiac. Robert Graysmith, by the way, wrote the non-fiction novel of the same name. On the police side of the world, Inspector David Toschi (Mark Ruffalo) conducts a police investigation to find Zodiac. A majority of the movie is spent  stressing how much Zodiac was one step ahead of the police at all times, until he finally stopped killing, but never caught.

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 Rober Graysmith never gave up though, the next portion of the movie dealt with him leading his own person investigation into the case when no one else would. From the beginning, he was always the one that noticed the small, seemingly irrelevant facts, that turned out important. His obsession on the case tore his family apart. The evidence that he collects is incredibly smart, and even though the Zodiac killer case has technically never been solved due to technicalities, this film lays down every last bit of information that proves it beyond a reasonable doubt.

 Okay, so this movie wasn’t a psychological thriller, it was a mystery film. There are, however, other Zodiac Killer films that are psychological thrillers, but this film has been rated the best out of all of them. I can see why, too. It is pretty lengthy, but that’s only because it is filled to the brim with evidence. This is one of the few movies I have seen that has the events based on reality actually reflect what really happened back then, and was actually very entertaining and thought provoking.

 The acting was brilliant, and writing couldn’t have been any better. This film was incredibly thorough, and I honestly couldn’t ask for more from a true crime story.

 Oh here’s a fun factoid for you, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. both star in this film going after a villain…..just saying.

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