‘Vamps’ (2012)

For today’s review, we have a movie starring that one lady that feeds her kids like a bird…….what’s her name? Oh Alicia Silverstone. She’s vegan, and so is her Vampire counterpart, Goody in “Vamps“, only in “Vamps“, she doesn’t feed on humans, but on animals. Check it out!

[Click on the image or click here for the full review]


5 thoughts on “‘Vamps’ (2012)

    1. Uhh we’ll go with that sure lol. Nah actually I had trouble with that one. First I wanted to be sitting on top of review, like they were. Then I wanted to be hanging off the period over the i. That didn’t work so well. So I kinda just did this. Lazy attempt but it doesn’t look TERRIBLE. Just not what I was going for


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