VOTE NOW for ‘The Gilleand Brothers Award Show’!


A while ago, I posted that my brothers and I will be having our second award show coming up, and we finally have posted a nominee video for you all to enjoy. Now, you can vote on our Facebook page @GilleandBrothers, and vote for each individual category. Or, you can watch the video below and show some love in the comments section on who and what you voted for. *I know this is a little different from what I normally post, and it’s a tad bit of a self-promotion, but we need some recognition. Last time only a few others than ourselves voted in for the awards, so show your support!

Check out the Nominee video below and leave a comment for your picks! Thanks!

(edited by Tim Gilleand)


‘Bringing Up Bobby’ (2012)

For today’s review we have Alice Milla Jovovich in a movie where she stars as a Russian con artist trying to make sure her…clearly American….son is living the life. Her life, however, has taken its toll on him, making him act up in such a way that gets her in trouble, and leaves her parentless…well sort of. Check it out!

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