The Twilight Saga: ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ (2012)

kjqpygyb8aneevzzhrifyyradu9When you think about “Twilight“, you typically think of two things. Usually, you might love the franchise and want every movie to win every award ever made, those people are called Twihards. If you don’t love it, then generally speaking you hate it, there is not often a happy medium. However, those people who hate the series have a very firm reason on hating them, which is sometimes a good reason, sometimes not so much, but whatever the reason haters could very well be transformed to “Twilight” fandom with “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2“.

In part one, we were left with Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) red eyes, teasing her return in the next film as a vampire. Along with that reveal, she also had her daughter with Edward (Robert Pattison) named Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), which Jacob (Taylor Lautner) imprinted on. All of these things building up to the beginning of the next film. The first half of the film dealt a lot with Bella’s transformation into a vampire and dealing with the urges that vampires deal with on a daily basis. We also already knew that vampires powers don’t work on her as they would anyone else, well that ability transferred into her vamp life, and more, as she learned to control the ability and push it onto the people around them as a form of protection. The first half also deals with everyone worrying about the ever growing Renesmee, and their focus on stopping, or at least slow down the rapid growth.

The second half of the film dealt more with the Volturi showing their evil faces once more. This time around, they found out about Bella and Edward’s daughter and misunderstood the situation as an immortal child, which is worse than any newborn vampire on the loose, they are so dangerous that they must be killed immediately. Renesmee, however, isn’t immortal, she is half mortal, half vampire. That, of course, is of little concern to the Volturi, as they are out for blood. The Cullens must gather friends and family everywhere to join in the fight, vampires with new abilities and wolves gathering to help the vampires once more in the series. What follows is the best of the “Twilight” series hands down.

It doesn’t take long for anyone to realize that there was a ton of more character development for Bella and Jacob. The most obvious development was for Bella as she is learning everything she needs to know about being a vampire and controlling her urges. Jacob’s personality changed when we learned that he imprinted on Bella’s daughter, doing anything to protect her. The acting was so much better for everyone involved. Kristen Stewart was able to shine and show that maybe she does have an acting range. The acting all ties in with the story as well when so many more people joined in on the fight.

Yes, in this film, so many more people joined in on the film. Recognizable faces like Joe Anderson, last seen on ABC’s “The River” or even Lee Pace, made famous from his role in “Pushing Daisies“, but it isn’t just the actors added to this film that made it great. This film took everything that was good from the other films and pushed them all into this movie, ignoring everything that made the others bad. There were brand new title and end credits, the title credits did not have a narration by Bella like all the others had. There was also a lot more focus on visual effects then all the others had, making this the best movie in the series visually as well.

It all leads up to the end being the most epic thing the entire series has ever seen. It also wraps everything up perfectly that no member of the audience will leave dissatisfied. There are things in this film that both “Twilight” fans and haters alike will love it for, maybe for different reasons, but if you are a hater of “Twilight” and your girlfriend wants you to go see it with her, do it. You may be surprised. There is one thing in the movie that could be seen as the smartest decision they have ever made

In the end, if you see this film in the theater, which you should, people will cheer, people will gasp, people will cry, and people will most certainly give this film a standing ovation. It is energetic, it is exciting, it is satisfying, and it will blow your mind. Haters and lovers alike will be pulled right in and will be rooting for the main characters. This film is definitely not one to miss. Check out “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” in theaters today!

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