‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ (2010)

There are some movies that I’ve actually heard are good, (whether or not I wanted to see them, because they were say…a kids movie). Well one movie had to be good, because it was awarded with two other movies in the series. The third of which, comes out mid-December, so what better way to prepare than to watch the first two in the series? It’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid“.

Based off of a book by the same name, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is about a kid who is wise beyond his years…or at least he would like to think so. This film documents  Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) as he attempts to instruct the audience how to be on top of the class in popularity. Clearly, being just a kid, he didn’t really know how popularity works, and being a know-it-all will get you nowhere. Of course, many movies have done the same thing, so the movie immediately becomes predictable, but that’s okay as this is just a kid’s movie in the long run.

This film is coming-of-age, while it is also following a plot. Plot being, Greg is trying to avoid a lifetime of childhood pain. I am starting to realize that some movies have been adding that element of forced coming-of-age in order to substantiate an actual plot instead of just randomly going by life, day by day. You at least have an idea of what will happen in the movie. It’s a step in the right direction, but is still a weak plot. Then again…it’s a kids movie.

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Through the years, I have seen a number of movies geared towards children. It’s clear that the main character in the film can’t really be super unique, in order for any kid to feel a connection with the character. I think they did a pretty good job at allowing kids to feel a connection, heck there were two sequels, so they had to do something right. I think a lot of kids will actually like this, because they CAN relate, and this reminded me of the feeling I got for older kids movies like…”Fudge” or something (also based off a book).

Any movie with a bunch of kids is just asking to get harsh criticism for the acting. Yeah, sometimes a child actor can be very good at what he or she does, but an entire cast-worth? There are a LOT of kids in the movie, there is bound to be some bad acting in there, and truthfully…there was. However, not as much as you would expect. They look, sound, and feel like kids, and so it is believable. Kids will like it because a lot of the characters are very colorful, which in turn will be memorable for them.

The writing was so-so. It actually felt like it was written in such a way to be JUST ENOUGH to pass by as entertaining for kids, but there was little, if any, elements for the parents to enjoy while watching with their kids. It barely even had any deep underlining messages to appeal to kids. For instance, the strongest message they had is the importance of friendship, but even that was weak. If anything actually needed a more serious message, it was that.

It’s a good, fun movie for kids, but for anyone else…it’s a no-brainer. Walk away, don’t look back, you’ll be okay I promise. Stay tuned for my review on “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules

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    1. haha I wish, no I found a website to “Wimp Yourself Out” or something, So that was a character specifically drawn by artist, to my likeness lol (sort of)


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