‘Abduction’ (2011)



Team Jacob fans, do I have a movie for you. Everyone else…not so much. Yes yes, Taylor Lautner fans will mostly like the film “Abduction” simply because Taylor Lautner is in it, but not so much for its actual story. I like kidnapping movies as much as the next person, and a lot of them are pretty different. While this movie has that level of difference from others, it takes it to a level that is too far, overreaching believability.

Nathan (Lautner) is a thrill seeker that likes to party but deep down has his own issues that he is trying to deal with, as you can tell he has been seeing a shrink (Sigourney Weaver) for some time. In fact, he has been having a recurring nightmare dealing with a strange woman singing a lullaby to him before someone in heavy protection gear comes in and knocks her out. We find out later when Nathan and Karen (Lily Collins) are working on a school project together, that a missing children website had his photo listed, explaining his recurring nightmare. After his mother admitted kidnapping him, the mystery continues as we learn there was more to the story than a simply black and white kidnapping story.

A team of what would seem to be government employees track him down, his parents fight them off before getting killed themselves. They weren’t your typical government agent, though. For some reason people have been after Nathan his entire life, and it isn’t entirely clear why for a good while before the audience is given information. The only thing I could think of while watching the movie was…they finally found out that Taylor Lautner is an alien.

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I need to point something out. This had some good potential if it just kept it simple. They instead put in a little too much conspiracy for my taste. It was as if the world revolved around Nathan. He would call 911 from a hospital, and get connected directly to the CIA, and the news would give the wrong information. It was all just a little…convenient if you ask me. Personally, I like a story that doesn’t need complexity to keep it simple. A kidnapping story where the kid finds out he was kidnapped several years prior, like this movie, but instead of going all out conspiracy-wise, just make it a cat and mouse tale between kidnapper and kidnaped. That sounds overdone, but for some reason, I can’t think of a single movie that has done that.  Less is more.

The acting in the movie is exactly what you would expect to find out of Taylor Lautner. Yes, he goes shirtless a few times in the movie, and has anger issues. Throughout the movie, you may be finding yourself waiting for Lautner to transform into a wolf, or fight with a vampire over a girl. I hate to say typecast…but that’s really all that comes to mind. There are also some semi-memorable faces in the movie, but not so much to place the face with the title of the movie. Instead, when anyone will ask you if you have ever heard of “Abduction“, the most you can really say about it is….”That movie with Jacob/Taylor Lautner?”.

In the end, you will find this film pretty disappointing and quite a bit forgettable. It falls into the list of movies that have potential, and ruin their chances to make something out of it. I would say it is somewhat watchable, but your attention might fall short even with all of the action involved. I would instead recommend watching the latest “Twilight” film.

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