‘Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden’ (2012)



Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Patriotic but Dull

Anytime something monumental occurs in our nation, you can bet a movie will be made on it, and not only one either. When the World Trade Center was struck by terrorism, there were quite a few films on the event, some standing above the rest on professionalism. One of the latest accomplishes that we have achieved was the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. You may have already heard of the film “Zero Dark Thirty“, which also deals with the manhunt, but if that is good or not is to be seen yet. A made-for-TV film chronicled the same last month called “Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden“, is the simple and basic title translate to how the film is portrayed?

It’s not a deeply held secret about what happens in the film. It made the news, it made history. We all know about the raid headed by Seal Team Six. So what makes this unique, what makes this its own special thing. First of all, this film starts out eighteen weeks before the raid The Hollywood film, according to IMDb.com states it is about the entire ten year manhunt. This film also has a number of asides thrown in throughout by members of the team. It captures the team as they are surveilling a mysterious character who doesn’t partake in any nearby activities and matches the physical characteristics of Bin Laden. Their mission is to capture or kill this man, the CIA is comfortable with either option.

So this film, if you didn’t already know, is made by the National Geographic Channel. If you aren’t already aware, the National Geographic Channel is famous for providing direct, and accurate information on very popular and maybe not so popular topics. It would already be safe to assume that whether this film is entertaining or not, it should be a good source of information, right? Yes, in theory it should but in actuality, it didn’t. It tried very hard to dramatize the events and give meaning to each of the players that it did lose a number of factual material. For example, one of the many points that was completely missed in the film was the fact that when Osama was shot, they didn’t just kill him, they over-killed him, they shot him numerous times, and a part of that fact is what made the capture so satisfying. Bin Laden was the most hated man in the country, and you’re just going to single tap him in the head? There were also some major points missed, but that was probably the most important.

The acting was okay, as two of the main characters were played by Robert Knepper and William Fichtner, both who starred together in one of the most dramatic and captivating TV shows of our generation, “Prison Break“. While this film didn’t transfer the same level of intensity, these faces did in fact heighten the entertainment value. Other positives that this film had was that no matter how many facts aren’t provided properly, if you are a patriot, there’s just no way you can’t like or appreciate what the film was going for.

Sometimes, you have to look out for avoidable movie clichés that can be distracting if caught. For example, this film has a lot to do with the use of video cameras and monitors. One popular cliché is when a camera, no matter how often it is used, is always at either half or two thirds battery, never full. Because cameras and monitors are used so often in this, it would be reasonable to presume they would charge their cameras before use and so much usage would reasonably kill the battery. This film apparently ignored that simple problem, and it falls prey to the all-too-familiar cliché.

One of the main negatives apart from the fictitious facts were the visuals. The visuals are dull, simply put. It’s not as thrilling or captivating as it probably hoped to be, but it does do a good job at maintaining a level of true patriotism. The setting in this film should look and feel like it really takes place in the place it says it does. It honestly doesn’t look convincing, but it is acceptable at least.

Unfortunately, this film did feel as basic as the title itself. It may be a better option to just wait to see what Hollywood has in store for us with “Zero Dark Thirty“. If this film does sound interesting to you, than you should check it out. “Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden” comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on Jan. 8!


4 thoughts on “‘Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden’ (2012)

  1. This movie made a big mistake, I think the movie should belong to a serious sort art instead of shoot movies. However, I saw some nasty scenes of nake woman in this movie,why add those scenes, to attract audience eyes? Actually, I think it is a dishonor to the heros. I can speak out without any hesitate ” it make me nasty” I may not feel so nasty when I watch that scenes in Adult vedio products, but I feel nasty when those scenes happen in this movie. I really believe that the director of this movie is not qualified who even can not make it clear what should be put what sould not.


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