‘Batman Forever’ (1995)



Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Terrible and Awesome

Among the list of Jim Carrey films that I have to watch is one that I have seen so many times that I have lost count. Okay, fine, pretty much all of the ones that I have seen I have lost count of the times I have seen them. However, this one isn’t because of Jim Carrey, even though he is in the movie playing a rather vital role. It is “Batman Forever”, the movie in the Batman films not only introducing Robin to the mix, but also introducing us to the Batnipples.

Batman (Val Kilmer) has been through countless villains that his face has literally changed. In all reality though, Bat continues to swarmed with nightmares revolving around bats and parent killers. In other news, Harvey “Two-Face” Dent (Tommy Lee Jones) is wreaking havoc among Gotham city. Not far behind is the Riddler (Jim Carrey), who has a special vendetta against Bruce Wayne because he wouldn’t supply the funding necessary for human testing. You see, the Riddler created the 3D television in order to brainwash his audience, and collect their intellect. The thing is, it raises to many questions. Not too long after Bruce says “heck no” to Edward Nigma (The Riddler), Two-Face kills Robins parents. Feeling responsible for their deaths, Bruce has Robin stay at his mansion (which is weird). Clearly, Robin finds out the secret, and the two fight crime together, yay!

Alright people, I want to first off stating that Val Kilmer is an incredibly strange choice for Batman. I would say…okay maybe Bruce Wayne for the calm, smooth personality, but for Batman? Not a chance, that’s just weird, and I honestly think he was picked for popularity and not talent. Second of all, I know from seeing all of the Batman films that it follows the same path as “Nightmare on Elm Street”, the first two films were great, and then each one after it got worse. By worse, I mean very cartoony. If I wanted to see a Batman cartoon, I’d tune into the actual cartoon. Give us a solid reason to watch this film instead.

Alright, lets be honest, because this isn’t the worst movie of the bunch. To be fair, the overall feel of the film stayed absolutely consistent, which contributed to the pacing. The pacing was great, it made sense. The plot was great as well, we had two very well known villains, both with a pretty clear goal, and both having great chemistry with each other. The Riddler was the perfect choice for Jim Carrey, and I believe he could still play the character today, even if they made him darker. The visuals do suck when we’re talking about graphics, but it fits. It fit the theme and tone even though it looked fake so I can’t really discount it there.

There are a lot of lame, out of place one-liners that try to be funny, but honestly fail. A lot of these things you wouldn’t catch any of the main characters saying, but the thing is they are very memorable. I’ll show you what I mean soon with the video at the bottom, but even though they probably didn’t mean it to be, it was good at being bad. Or in other terms, so bad it was good. Oh, and Tommy Lee Jones did a great job with Two-Face, and it was unlike anything he has ever done before (obviously those *purple* burns looks really stupid, but he did a good job).

Obviously, I still prefer Christopher Nolan’s series over any of Burton’s but hey, at least Johnny Depp didn’t play Robin.

-Go to 2:33
for a “Batman Forever” movie me and my brothers did a few years back-

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