‘Taken 2’ (2012)



Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Unnecessary but Fun

There comes a time when you know, you know a movie is made only to make a quick buck. Specifically speaking, this happens to a lot of sequels that never need to be made in the first place, it is unnecessary. Clearly the sequel to Liam Neeson’s  “Taken” was never needed or even asked for.  However, where nearly every other critic did not like it, I did. In almost the same fashion as the critics low opinion of “Matrix Reloaded“. The thing is, the first film had a very solid and complete story, so how does this even fit in?

The story itself actually makes sense, realistically speaking. Liam Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, goes on a killing rampage when his daughter is kidnapped. Lots of people died, and where normally every other movie ignores who those killers are, this film took notice. Yes, the family of those killed in the first film come after not only Bran, but also his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) and yes, daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) again. So once again, he must go on a killing rampage to save his family.

Is the story all that great? No. It makes realistic sense in the sense that killers would have revenge when nothing is being done about their families killer. However, I think the reason that most movies don’t take this into account is because Neeson’s role in the first film should have made a big enough impact that they would fear him, and wouldn’t want to go after him. People really love Liam Neeson, but not a lot of people will really care about who the killers were in the first film, they might as well be red shirts from “Star Trek”, there just to die. Expanding on that storyline is just silly and completely unneeded. Also, the side story that revolved around Kim being unable to drive and studying a drivers test was completely out of place.  The woman is turning thirty this year, no one will believe that story, and most anyone watching will wonder why it was even introduced.

The story was pretty much stupid and unnecessary. That being said, I liked it and thought it was a lot of fun. In the same fashion that I loved “Matrix Reloaded“. Critics like neither because of the story, but the action in both of these films respectively is phenomenal. The fight choreography is just as good as the first, it feels as natural as the first, and if it is as good as the first, you begin to forget about the questionable story. I have seen some terrible films, and this is not one of those terrible films. Not once did I feel like turning off the film, instead I felt I couldn’t even pause it to use the restroom.

Also, Liam Neeson is great in everything he is in. Some things are better than others, but he is one of the most memorable actors of our time. It is incredible to watch a six foot four man professionally fight a group of thugs, it just is. Also keep in mind that like the first, this is a very violent PG-13 film, which means a lot of people die and almost none of these people contain blood when killed. Also not all that great, but you have to have a different sense of perception when watching this movie. Don’t expect nor compare to the first, because it will suck. Instead only compare when similar concepts are taken into account.

So on the downside, the story isn’t great and if you compare it to the first, it is going to suck. On the upside, the movie is just a whole lot of fun on its own, and Liam is a joy to watch in this type of role. If you didn’t know already, there is a third film already slated to be made. The good thing about the movie if you hated it is that you can choose not to watch the third now.  However, if you just want to watch a movie for the action, this movie is actually pretty entertaining. So check it out on Jan. 15 when it comes to Blu-Ray and DVD.

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