‘For a Good Time, Call’ (2012)


062Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Crude and Inappropriate

R-rated comedies are a slippery slope for a good majority of individuals. They often contain plenty of humor that not everyone can or will enjoy. Often times, these jokes are of a sexual nature, and “For a Good Time, Call” is no exception. When deciding to watch this film, think of other female-centered comedies that are rated R, like “Sex in the City” for example. No, this film has nothing to do with it, but both have an extreme amount of sexual innuendo, just look at the title. If that doesn’t sound good to you, than you shouldn’t waste your time and stop reading now. If not, let me expand on what this film is all about.

First note that there is not one, but two main characters in the film, so each one gets equal focus throughout the film. The first of the two is Lauren Miller (Lauren Powell). Lauren is a down-to-earth woman that is all about business. Her recent ex-boyfriend called her boring just before dumping her. Katie Steele (Ari Graynor) is our other lead character, and the bimbo of the film. She has gone through life proud of being called the “slut” of her school and town. To pay for her apartment, she holds a number of dead-end jobs including a low-paying job as a phone sex operator.

These two girls once knew each other, but have been deemed mortal enemies since. Their mutual friend Jesse (Justin Long) gathers them together to help each other pay to keep their beautiful apartment when Lauren needed a place to stay after the breakup. Lauren was the one that decided that they begin their own phone sex operation and collect all of the profits, so they do. No longer were they mortal enemies, but practically sisters as they continually wracked in the money.

Let’s talk comedy. The pacing of the film is rather slow in the beginning, and the audience may feel a sense of dread wanting to know where the film is heading. However, it is these two girls and their transformation from enemy to friendship is often hysterical, and it does boost the speed of the film. The comedy itself is mostly derived from the special guest appearances by some very well-known actors and comedians such as Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith, and Nia Vardalos. These actors you wouldn’t typically expect in a role like this, so it is a good change of pace, and it keeps the audience interested.

As mentioned above the pacing is a bit slow in the beginning, and even though it improves partially into the movie, it doesn’t quite…fix itself completely. The whole phone sex thing can be funny, and it is, but it seems like they over-did it at the same time. It almost seemed like a dragged-out episode of an R-rated sitcom. Ironically, there is a sitcom on TV that reflects a lot of what happens in this film, minus the phone sex. That’s right, personality and setting-wise, the two girls and the apartment almost seem identical to the girls in “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23”. No, they don’t physically look like the girls, but they have the same personality. There is an overly-crude party girl, and a down-to-earth and professional girl. If you have seen the show, you will know what I’m talking about.

The movie isn’t all that long, but it feels longer than it should. The comedy in the film is successful more so in the guest appearance scenes than where it tries to be elsewhere in the film. After watching this, you may feel that there is a very distinct audience for this movie, and that is females who enjoy R-rated comedies and aren’t afraid of a little immaturity.

If this sounds like your type of movie, then be my guest and check out “For a Good Time, Call” when it comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on Jan. 22!

3 thoughts on “‘For a Good Time, Call’ (2012)

  1. Graynor stole the whole show in this movie and definitely deserves to get bigger roles after this. She definitely makes the movie a lot better, even if it does have some of it’s charm to it as well. Good review Dave.


    1. I recognized her from ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’, and her character in that is almost the same character (at least in the flashback parts in this film. She is an interesting actress to say the least, and for being recognizable for her role in Nick and Norah, she’s doing something right. Thanks for the comment!


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