‘Earth Girls Are Easy’ (1988)


064Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Strange Musical Numbers

If there was ever a Jim Carrey film that I have heard of but not seen, it would be “Earth Girls Are Easy”. This is one of the movies that I just…had no interest in at all, but at the same time I had absolutely no idea what it was about apart from an alien plot. It came out when I was only three months old, and from what I did know about it, it was quite colorful, and it is. It’s interesting and definitely funny in parts, but it has some very odd and avoidable issues to say the least.

Imagine three aliens in outer space sporting the three major colors that make up the rest of the colors on the scale: red, orange, and blue. Well, the orange may be closer to yellow, but hey, who’s keeping track? These aliens named Mac (Jeff Goldblum), Wiploc (Jim Carrey), and Zeebo (Damon Wayans) have been in space and without a woman for a good long while. When they catch a glimpse of Valerie (Geena Davis) sunbathing, they get distracted from flying the spaceship, and they end up crashing in her pool. Clearly, she is freaked out at first, but they all become fast friends. Because she is a cosmetics genius, she takes these aliens to her job, and they get a makeover, looking perfectly human.

She cannot yet send them home, because she has to drain her pool in order to get the spaceship back in working condition, so she takes the boys out, and well, they just have a good time. The man who recently cheated on Valerie (Charles Rocket) continually grows a suspicion that these men aren’t who they say they are, so the aliens have to leave before he finds out the truth.

One thing I had no idea would happen is that these aliens would be transformed into human, and it happens quite early on. I was glad, seeing how I was getting annoyed at the alien costumes. Sure, they were funny at first, but it was quite obnoxious at the same time. The rest of the comedy and plot in general seemed quite similar to “Encino Man”. These creatures who can’t speak English, learning civilization through the television, send them back to their home…late eighties early nineties, it was interesting.

While he was in there quite a lot, the movie didn’t focus on Jim Carrey or Damon Wayans nearly as much as it did Jeff Goldblum, clearly identified as the sexy and intelligent alien of the trio. That’s right, about halfway through, the alien could speak nearly perfect English, while the others were still repeating words and phrases. I wasn’t so much of a fan of this because it sort of ruins the believability that he was ever an alien to begin with. The others were funny. You would have thought Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans stepped right out of “In Living Color”, but they didn’t, the show didn’t even begin until two years later. I found that fascinating.

So I really need to mention something, because it made absolutely no sense. There were full-blown musical numbers tossed into the movie at random points. It wasn’t enough to be classified as a musical, or at least you wouldn’t think so. There are maybe three or four songs that just feel out of place in my opinion. I didn’t get it, and they certainly did not even need the songs. Whenever I see a musical, I have to ask myself if the songs were necessary, a lot of the times they are, this time made no sense. The comedy was okay, the plot made sense, the aliens were memorable, and it did its job, why confuse everyone with a musical number?

Another point, the special effects, when used, are absolutely terrible. I cannot even begin to list off why, but it was bad. Imagine “Space Jam” when they tried 3D effects, but a thousand times worse. You could clearly see three distinct wires holding the alien up that is supposed to be flying, you can see the bad tracking of 3D objects, you can see the objects are not detailed as they should; it was out of this word bad. Sure, they may have been going for colorful and cartoon-like, but it just comes off as what I would like to refer as visual vomit.

I rated this 64 out of 100 because it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It did have a very clear goal, and it executed it as it should have. The comedy was actually well done in places and a number of the characters were actually memorable believe it or not. This was one of the better films of Jim Carrey’s early career.


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