‘All in Good Taste’ (1983)


002Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Perverted and Insulting

Forenote: I couldn’t find any image for this movie apart from a low-quality poster, so I couldn’t really make a review poster. However, I’m not really upset, because this is one of the worst movies of all time. 

For the last two months, I have been going through a list of Jim Carrey films, every movie in his entire filmography to be exact. There were some great films, some not so great, but I have come to the bottom of the barrel. That’s right, I saved the best for last, and by best I mean worst. That’s right; the worst movie in Jim Carrey’s entire collection is his 1983 film “All in Good Taste”. There are so many reasons why I dislike this film, and disliked it before going in, as I already knew a lot of what the movie was about. However, I gave it a fair chance, and it was so unbelievingly bad. So before we start going over the details, what is the movie even about?

We have a screenwriter by the name of Timothy (Jonathon Welsh). You can understand Timothy as a family man with high values. Well, Timothy has just finished writing his next script, which was in fact family-oriented, dealing with an orphanage. He decided to go around to different producers in the world and pitch his script to see how they would like it. The reaction was always the same, the script is brilliant, it’s a work of art, Oscar-worthy, the whole nine yards. The thing is, none of these film production agencies want to make this masterpiece; instead, they want Timothy to do some kind of documentary or film on more or less, naked women. Every producer wanted him to make a movie with an insane amount of nudity. Finally caving under pressure, he does it. The end.

That’s all there is too it folks, after he decided to make this movie, the movie as you know it ceases to really even matter. The story stops developing and all it is about is getting a rise out of its audience. That’s it. So heed my warning, and heed it well, there is a lot of nudity in the movie, both male and female, you see everything from countless individuals. All in all, the producer gets what he asks for. The movie may as well be softcore pornography. That’s the first part that makes this movie so bad. It is demeaning and insulting to women. It is sexist, it has a terrible and improper depiction of nudists at a camp. It tries to be funny, but because it decides to throw away any smidgen of a story and because it is so insulting, it’s not funny at all.

The next reason that this movie is so bad is…well just look at the poster. What do you see? False advertisement, that’s what. You will notice a larger-than-life image of Jim Carrey’s face along with his name sprawled out on the top of the poster. Why? Because in the end picture, Jim Carrey was the only person in the entire cast that really did anything else after the movie came out. He was famous, people knew him, so they plastered his image on there and said it was HIS film. Guess what? That image is clearly a more recent than his portrayal in the film, by a few years, it is just so laughable. What else? Jim Carrey is in the movie for two minutes and he doesn’t say a single word, he was just there to accompany Timothy to take pictures. Beware; even he takes off his clothes at this point.

Next I want to talk about the editing, believe it or not. This is one of the worst job I have seen when it came to editing both video and sound. Not only did they put a transition after every scene full of dancing naked women that got repetitive and old, but the sound got cut off at points that didn’t make sense, the video itself starts feeling all jumbled and you don’t even know what’s happening anymore, as if it makes a difference, it is just…very, VERY bad. He does the pitch in the beginning to different producers for the first half hour, and it feels like a broken record. It is filler! In the words of my mother, it’s not a nice movie. Fear this movie, folks, avoid it at all costs.

I have to mention why I even gave it two percent. Okay, firstly I gave it a percent for making sense towards the beginning. You understand this guy and you know what he is going for. I gave it another percent because in all honesty, it probably reached its target audience, which were a crowd of perverted men unfortunately. Whoever this writer was, clearly wrote himself into the movie as the producer(s). I just don’t understand why Timothy didn’t take the script to any female producers who would love to make a movie like that. Knowing the writer of this movie, he’d just make the woman a perverted, brainwashed animal as well. The film is despicable, it’s disgusting, it is dishonorable, and it just shouldn’t be declared as a movie. There just is no plot or goal or anything. The man caves in and just does what the producer says, end of story.

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