‘Nobody Walks’ (2012)


038Dave’s 3-Word Review:
A Foolish Foley

There are some topics that are rarely introduced in film. There are a number of reasons why this is a fact, maybe filmmakers don’t think it is a very interesting topic or maybe it is taboo. Whatever the case, there is somewhat unmarked territory when it comes to film. One of these topics is one of the major processes used behind the scenes of practically any film, and that is the art of foleying. Foleying plays a part in “Nobody Walks”, but not as much as it should have.

Olivia Thirlby plays Martine, an artistic girl that is currently working on a film project. For some reason or another, she moves into a family’s pool house to work on this film. The man of the house, Peter (John Krasinski), agrees to help Martine out on this project. His role was to help in the sound department with foleying. That is, using abstract and unusual objects and their sounds to create a unique sound and feel to the project. While they work on this project, Peter and Martine start to fall for each other. The thing is Martine falls for practically any guy, as she kind of has a lost and vulnerable soul. Without knowing it, she may be ruining everything that was good about the family.

This movie may as well have been called “Nobody Cares” because it unfortunately exudes that feeling of emptiness. It will bore you to tears because there is no point that the film tries to convey. The idea about foleying was actually a fantastic idea, foleying alone is a very interesting topic, and there is a lot a movie can do to show you the intricate details of foleying that make it what it is. However, it was almost completely blatantly ignored in the movie as it tried to focus on its more categorical soap-opera vibe. We already have enough soap operas as it is and soap operas with better stories than this as well. We don’t need another soap opera.

John Krasinsky is a good actor, and so is Olivia Thirlby, but this wasn’t a good choice for them. They did what they could with what they had, but they had no real chemistry because the story itself wasn’t that engaging or anything. You don’t care about the characters, they are just…there. The same goes for Rosemarie Dewitt that plays Peter’s wife in the film, also a phenomenal actress that just does not seem to fit in the movie.

If there was a moral to the story, it was probably not to give into temptation, but it is drowned amongst the chaos that is everything else. It’s main issue was knowing what to focus on, which should have been foleying. Yes, a story that has this in it can’t be very good on its own, so it does need a story, but this wasn’t the story it needed. Because it is an element of filmmaking, the story should have also revolved around film. I would have loved to see the history of how foleying came to be, and how much people continue to figure out what to do with it. That would be a great movie because everything would fit. This was a mess.

I can’t even think of an audience that would particularly enjoy this film outside of people looking for something different, an audience that may enjoy independent films, but even then it is cloudy. If you would like to give it a go, then as always you are more than welcome to. “Nobody Walks” comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on Jan. 22!


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