‘Tooth Fairy 2’ (2012)


030Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Childish and disconnected

Remember that one movie a few short years back starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson where he wore a pink tutu with the attached wings. It was called “Tooth Fairy”. Even though it was over-the-top ridiculousness, they just had that one aspect never seen before in a tooth fairy feature, which was a man of The Rock’s stature playing a feminine fairy tale character. While it never needed one, it received a sequel in 2012 starring none other than Larry the Cable Guy. The thing is, I wouldn’t put it past Larry to go a little crazy and wear a tooth fairy costume because he thinks it’s funny…so how did this film turn out?

Larry plays Larry, unsurprisingly, a man that not too long ago won a bowling competition by sheer luck. After of which, he began dating Brooke (Erin Beute), which of course doesn’t make a lick of sense. Brooke has since gotten engaged to a very successful politician, and Larry is sad. In the scheme of things, that is how deep his character development goes.  Now we must delve into the obviousness of what happens next. To get on Brooke’s good side, Larry decides to volunteer at the daycare center where she works. While there, he accidentally lets it slip that he doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy. Later on, he is forced to temporarily work as a tooth fairy until he can get ten teeth in ten days. While he does this job, he also has to break the wedding up of his true love and someone who doesn’t truly love her.

Let me ask you something. If I handed you a piece of notebook paper and a pencil, told you to write a movie about an unpredictable male actor in the role of a tooth fairy for hilarity, what would you write? Probably something to the degree of this film. It is nothing if not predictable. We have seen it all before in the first film, except it made more sense with the first. It was old and unnecessary the second time around because we get the point. Larry the Cable Guy is such a strange person who is always out there enough not to have this role be very surprising. The reason why The Rock worked was that he was this macho man who has been seen killing other people countless times before, muscles abound. So if the sequel would have been at least on par, it would have to have another macho man in the lead.

Like I mentioned before, the chemistry between Larry and Brooke was nonexistent. Instead, there was more chemistry with her fiancé than there was Larry. It’s almost unfair to say this because it is clear at the intent. There are different scenes that made Brooke act like Larry to show a level of playfulness, but the problem was Larry didn’t act like her, so again, there was no connection, defeating the purpose of the entire movie.

Apart from the bad, what was the good? The idea is in place, the same idea “The Santa Clause” tried to pull off, which was a seemingly every day man gets called in to do the job of something he previously thought didn’t exist. That alone accounts for some of the jokes which actually may make you chuckle, but for the most part, it was appropriate for kids, it was funny for kids. There may be some things here and there that would make an adult want to stay in tune, but for the most part, this is another film that is only good to turn on to distract the kids while you finish off your own errands.

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