‘Fun Size’ (2012)



Dave’s 3-Word Review:
A Boring Hangover

A good source of wholesome, family-oriented kids films used to be found on the Nickelodeon network. Movies like “Good Burger” and “Clockstoppers” are prime examples of good, clean fun that could be entertaining from all ages. Nickelodeon has recently been creeping up to the line of what is acceptable and not, redefining the entire network. Even “Spongebob Squarepants” was accused of being subtly too explicit for children. Nickelodeon’s newest film, “Fun Size” is definitely too mature for young kids, and even creeps further up to the line of inappropriate for teenagers.

Victoria Justice plays Wren, a girl who wants to go to a Halloween party that a cute guy will be hosting. Her plans, however, are ruined when her mother forces her to look after her younger brother, Albert. Enter the twists and turns of adventure and comedy as Albert goes missing. No matter how adult or childlike this film is, it still maintains its level of simplicity that Nickelodeon often brings to the table. It is a story that we have seen a thousand times before. Take away the drinking and amnesia, and you have “The Hangover” when it came to plot, which is a large group of friends running into obstacles to get to a common goal. That’s it, that is your story.

There were just too many things that this movie did not need. There was a lot of language in this film, for being a young adult movie, including a couple usages of the “S” word, and even some hints at the “F” bomb, as well as every other word on the parental no-no list. Secondly, there are some clear sexual innuendo moments throughout the movie. Now that is fine for so many other movies, but it felt out of place because of that simple plot. That sort of plot really is seen in mostly kids’ films, so there was something that felt very off about the movie as a whole.

We also must remember that this is a seasonal movie. While other films were popping up in the theater marked with the “horror” genre, this movie showed up as well, being an adventure/comedy. In the long run, it really didn’t have much of a fight against horror films in the month of October. That being said, it did make sense. There are such things as Halloween parties that kids want to go to, that part is believable. Another believable factor is that kids will probably enjoy this more than they should, because it is inappropriate. Kids love inappropriate things. For the rest of us, we just aren’t going to like it all that much.

It has no real home for an audience. Its target audience is probably teens, and they would probably be the ones to enjoy it out of everyone else. Whether it is appropriate or not is up to the discretion of their parents. Even then, the kids might watch it once and forget about it the next week because for anyone, the movie is just boring.

The plot is so simple that it is boring. Don’t even think about having your mind wander off for a minute, and don’t use the bathroom, because you will lose any fraction of an interest you had in watching the movie. You will be so happy to think about something else that you will stop watching it altogether. So, it is best just to avoid it altogether.

Fun Size” comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on Feb. 19. So when you see it, don’t let the cool-looking DVD covers fool you. Skip it and move onto something else!

8 thoughts on “‘Fun Size’ (2012)

    1. Oh don’t get me wrong, Levy is fine in this, haha. She’s not the main character, but her parts are pretty good as a sole thing. Also, other people do like it more, on average, people give this sucker around a 45-50% while I just…didn’t like any of it, really. So who knows, you could love it


      1. pretty dumb. I LOVED CLOCKSTOPPERS, and Good Burger, and their early works, but this is a lot more adult, with a lot of language, and it just doesn’t seem to…..mix well with Nickelodeon for me, but maybe it will for you, idk


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