‘John Dies at the End’ (2013)



Dave’s 3-Word Review:
“WTF” seems appropriate

When we look for a movie in a theater, on Blu-Ray or DVD, or by any other means, sometimes we look for something different. Sometimes the same old can get tiresome, and the idea of a movie taking an alternate route suddenly becomes appealing. However, that doesn’t mean we should just grab any movie that appears different, or else we have the possibility of grabbing a terrible movie, and generalizing that different means the same thing as bad; as if movies typically go a certain path for a reason. Try to keep that in mind while watching “John Dies at the End”, a movie that clearly attempts to be unique, but fails tremendously at its execution.

A new pill has hit the market called “Soy Sauce”. Soy Sauce first gives its users the idea that it heightens their senses to an extreme, but it begins to get spiritual when the user can see things with perfect clarity that hasn’t even happened yet. The film follows Dave (Chase Williamson) as he discovers the drug and goes through the trials and tribulations of what the drug can do alongside his best friend, John (Rob Mayes).

Before going in to see this film, you must understand that it gets very confusing very quickly. One of the main reasons for this is because the timing and story-telling in the movie is all over the place. First, you see one thing, and then you see something that happened before that, and then it’s in the future at a diner, then it is back in the past before the drugs hit Dave’s system…it gets very confusing. All it really needed in this area to help with the pacing was title cards saying something like “Last Night…”. Instead, the viewers may be wracking their brain trying to figure out what in the world is even happening, and how everything ties together seamlessly.

Another reason why the film is confusing is because it is ridiculous in general. Somewhere near the beginning, a number of meat parts join together to create a meat monster, and it just looks like a villain you’d see in an early episode of “Power Rangers”. Because we are no longer children, it’s funny. The thing is, it may have been going for funny, but it is hard to tell sometimes. Clearly, it is a comedy, and a ridiculous comedy at that, but when something is as hard to follow as this film, the laugh factor seems to decrease.

To be fair, it is quite an interesting idea that this movie held. Its IMDb page says the plot has something to do with a drug that gives its user an out-of-body experience. If anyone knows anything about out-of-body experiences, then they would know that this movie did not have that in it whatsoever. So only the idea behind everything was good, the rest of movie itself wasn’t so much. If they took that idea seriously, as no other movie has before, then the movie would be pretty decent. It would be pretty interesting to watch a movie about out-of-body experiences brought on by a drug.

It’s not very difficult to see that they tried here. There were some good elements, like dialogue throughout the movie. Those good elements typically get lost in a sea of garbage and bad CGI effects, but it is possible to enjoy it for what it was, for that I must give it credit. If you go into this movie knowing that it is very confusing, and if you don’t care that it makes no sense, then you may actually enjoy it. If you are someone that enjoys a movie that has a solid plot, then it is best to stay far away from this movie. “John Dies at the End” comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on Apr. 2!

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