Introducing ‘Smaller on the Outside’!


I have recently jumped back to blogging about TV, and I mean recently. I used to run a podcast/blog with my brothers called “The Extraordinary Project”. The problem was, that title was half an inside joke, and we never got any viewers. Another problem with the original podcast was that we tried to cram every show ever into one podcast, as well as talked about our own personal projects that no one ever cared about. Well, it was about time to revamp the site. This time, with a new name and focus. It will be primarily a podcast exclusively for the television show “Doctor Who“, and a blog about other TV shows.

Every day, I will try to update the “Primetime Tonight” feature, which lists the new episodes that specific night. So keep in mind, this is still a relatively new website, but it’s in the works. So check it out today, and tell me what you think!

Smaller on the Outside



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