Bachelorette (2012)


050Dave’s 3-Word Review
Not really funny

It’s always best to be weary when a comedy is released that stars a number of recognizable faces. Just because there is a well-known and respected actor playing a role does not necessarily mean that the movie is any good. In fact, in many cases it is the exact opposite. There’s no real known reason as to why these movies don’t always turn out so great, some may even theorize that because there are so many favorite actors playing a role, we as an audience cannot pick who to root for. Bachelorette is not an ensemble cast film, but there are quite a few well known faces involved. So how did this film do?

Regan (Kirsten Dunst), Katie (Isla Fisher), and Gena (Lizzy Caplan) are best friends for life. When their sort of (not really) friend, Becky (Rebel Wilson) announces that she is getting married, Regan immediately accepts the role as Maid of Honor, and the rest of the gang continue on to screw everything else for Becky’s marriage up in an adventure quite similar to Hangover, past the fact that they remember everything. Along the way, they meet the groom and his best men, and they all meet each other and fall in love, but in a funny way…

The other thing you have to look out for when considering watching movies like this is the fact that there really is no main protagonist or antagonist. No main character and no real villain. You would come to think that Kirsten, Isla, and Lizzy are the main characters, but they are completely and irrevocably unlikable…they are almost villains, even though it seems to point to the fact that they have good intentions. For many movie lovers, we need a reason to watch a movie, and sometimes that reason is subliminal. If something is aimless, you need to ask yourself what the point is.  If something has no reason because there is no such thing as a protagonist, it is absolutely fine to second-think the movie.

It would be false to say that the movie does everything wrong, because it doesn’t. It absolutely has its moments of hilarity and even uniqueness. It is also great to see actors that you would watch in anything. The main issue it has is answering if the film had the chops to be considered Hollywood comedy material, and will people be talking about this movie to their friends after watching it. Unfortunately, the only answer you can think of with this…is no.

Sure, not everyone will think the movie is terrible, because it seems to have the overpowering feeling of “love or hate” material. Not everyone has high expectations for movies either, and they just won’t care about all of the intricate details that make a movie a movie.

Don’t take my word for it, Bachelorette came to Blu-Ray and DVD on Mar. 19!


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