Oblivion (2013)



Dave’s 4-Word Review:
Something Borrowed, Something New

There are some people that just cannot get enough of the science-fiction genre, that it…like some other genres, has generated its very own channel devoted to the genre on cable television. There is no question about it; the history of film as an art form was partially due to science-fiction, because movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey defined a brand new spectrum to the world of cinema. Every now and again, we are awarded with movies with amazing creativity and uniqueness that it is hard to resist. One movie that has tried to squeeze its way into the more memorable sci-fi flicks is 2013’s Oblivion.

50-year old Tom Cruise stars in this science fiction action-adventure film as Jack Harper. He and his teammate, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are earth’s only inhabitants. The rest of the human race lives in a space-station that floats over the earth’s atmosphere. His job is to pretty much fuel the energy of the “Tet” (space-station) through the use of converting the earth’s water supply into energy. The way he does it is simple, he scours the land, fixes any broken drones out there that help fuel the Tet, and kill alien scavengers that still roam the planet. Part of his mission involved a memory wipe, and the fact that he is not allowed to try to get that memory back, or it will impute on his mission on earth. Though, those memories do begin spilling their way into his mind, which makes things very interesting very quickly.

The major downfall suffered from Oblivion is the fact that you can pinpoint certain things throughout the movie that are clearly taken from other famous sci-fi flicks. Including things from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Moon, etc. They weren’t even very subtle either, it was almost as if they took certain elements that they knew were popular in other movies, and used them in order to facilitate a similar positive response from the audience. In that regards, it is a bit disappointing; however, the movie is still a blast, and quite a thrill ride.

The acting is decent, there’s not a whole lot of depth in that area, but it doesn’t matter, because the look of the movie is beautiful, the soundtrack to the movie is amazing, and the idea, when put together as complete thing is mind-blowing. You will leave the theater and continue to think about the movie, and how it affected you. Just remember that there is definitely more positives than negatives here. Go to the bathroom before coming to see the movie, because there is almost no good spot to escape for a break, because the whole film contains necessary scenes that further the story.

Now, this film suffered from what many like it has in the past. Easily-escapable flaws, which is really too bad, because it is easy to pick out what critics will argue about when a movie is not 100% original. No matter how good or not a movie is, critics will always look for originality, which is why Oblivion is currently on the rotten scale at Rotten Tomatoes, as they call it “thinly scripted”.

 At the same time, science fiction films rarely get a huge score from critics, but are highly praised by sci-fi enthusiasts. Whichever the case may be, Oblivion really isn’t a film to miss, so check it out once you get the chance. It was released on April 19th, check it out today!

4 thoughts on “Oblivion (2013)

  1. Nice review Dave. Didn’t care much for the story, and I wish I did because then this movie would have really worked for me. However, nothing came together at all.


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