Grown Ups (2010)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Pointless, but funny

Note: I am heading away on vacation for the Fourth of July weekend, so I won’t be back posting reviews until Monday, July 8. This film takes place as kind-of a vacation on the Fourth of July weekend, so what the hey…it’s relevant.

When people think of the funniest actors they have ever seen on the silver screen, they often think to actors that coincidentally have also been on the Saturday Night Live alumni. For good reason, as well. If an actor from SNL made it to the big screen, which must means that they made their mark in the world of comedy, and started to get real offers from real talent agencies. A few of these actors would be Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and David Spade. These actors, as well as Kevin James appear in the 2010 ensemble comedy, Grown Ups.

Like many others, I was in with the crowd that went to see America’s funniest actors come together to film Grown Ups when it first came out. When asked, however, what the movie is about, I often drew blanks, even though the film only came out three years ago. There is a great reason why it’s hard to describe what this movie is about, and I can sum it up in about one word – nothing.  Everyone typically remembers the basic story, which is that these childhood friends come together at the news of their favorite basketball coach’s recent death. That, however, is only in the first ten minutes. The rest of the film deals with the parents trying to teach their kids a life lesson and cracking jokes about each other.

The part where the parents are trying to teach their kids a life lesson is barely even a plot, and can’t even be described as coming-of-age, because sometimes it’s there, and then is ignored for half the movie before returning for two or three more minutes. What I can say, and most of you probably won’t remember this, but this takes place during the Fourth of July weekend, so this film is still relevant enough to review (not to mention the sequel is coming out soon).

The entire film, in essence, is revolved around making fun of each other. That’s it. Every chance these funny guys get, they crack jokes at each other and the people around them, it’s just a big stand-up routine. Yes, the humor in the movie is actually pretty funny at times, but without an actual plot, the movie quickly gets submerged in pointlessness. The character development in the film is not a problem, even though it is derived solely from comedy. That’s part of why you love this movie so much, because the characters are pretty much the actors with aliases.

It’s awesome to see all of these actors together in one movie. They have amazing chemistry with each other, and you can tell they are having an amazing time filming it. That’s probably why they didn’t care about the bad ratings for this film when they agreed to make a sequel. They just like hanging out. They bring a range of colorful diversity to the table, and ultimately give us a solid reason to watch the movie. Had this been unknown actors, the movie itself wouldn’t just have a pointless plot, but would be pointless to watch as well. So, at least it had that going for it.

 I don’t know how they will go about making the sequel. Will they introduce an actual plot? Will it be practically the same thing again? If I had to bet money, I’d say in order to maintain the tone, the movie will still have absolutely no plot and just have the guys making new jokes about one another, with just a hint of something different so it’s not the same exact movie. We have seen it before in film, and we will see it again. My money is on seeing the same thing in the sequel.


2 thoughts on “Grown Ups (2010)

  1. I’m pretty sure the new joke in the sequel will be a crap load of celebrity cameos. (Shaq, Taylor Lautner, Andy Samberg…) I think I’m seeing it tomorrow. This movie’s a guilty pleasure of mine, so 90% of me just wants to get the possibly painful experience over with, and the other 10% is curious about it, as a fan of early years Adam Sandler.


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