Sleepover (2004)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Oh so terrible

There is a good reason why a lot of people despise kids’ movies. It’s not just because the movies are geared towards children, not at all. It goes without question that there are plenty of “kids” movies that adults love as well. I’m talking about the really bad stuff, the stuff that the filmmakers clearly had no idea what they were doing when they wrote and made a movie. Kids are only kids for a very short period, they could change the next day, so why make a movie geared specifically towards them, and only them? Sleepover was one of these movies…it just doesn’t make sense.

The plot is really easy to understand, yet it maintains a level of confusion. Alexa Vega stars in this film as Julie, your average…every day eighth grader. On one fateful day, Julie decides to do a sleepover with her best friends. While at the sleepover, they are challenged to complete a scavenger hunt against the cool kids in school. What do they win, you ask? Well…the cool table at lunch of course. If they were to lose, they’d have to sit by the dumpster. Bummer.

Already, you should be starting to understand where I am going with this review. If you don’t, let me elaborate. They are going on a scavenger hunt all across town, disobeying their parents, who expected them in at night, and the law, held up by rent-a-cop Sherman (Steve Carell). They have a lot at risk to win this scavenger hunt, and a lot can go wrong. So winning a bloody lunch table is the best thing you got? Really? I don’t know, throw in some money or something, because I wouldn’t risk being in trouble for the next year just to get a table. The concept is so retarded it’s hard to even watch this film. It’s not only the concept, I mean…this is a bunch of teenage girls, and no offense to those who are teenage girls, but I think we all know what they do…bounce around and scream their heads off for an hour and a half. No thank you.

This is a kids movie, with a cartoony kids musical score that seems to be in there simply to have a musical score of some kind, most importantly to anyone watching: this film deals with kid problems, more importantly, preteen girl problems of the early ‘00’s. Nothing about this film translates to today. They were talking about the Polaroid camera’s that print tiny sticker pictures in this film. I remember those, but they don’t EXIST anymore, because they’re STUPID. Seriously, I can’t even say this movie is fun for kids, because it’s no longer relevant. It may have been at one point in time, but it just doesn’t make any sense anymore. The only reason to watch this film, and I mean the only reason…is for the actors.

Yes, there are a number of actors in the movie that you will recognize, and yes, they do feel like themselves for the most part. In the list of kids, you have Alexa Vega, Sam Huntington, Sara Paxton, Brie Larson, and Sean Faris. For the adults we have funny people Jane Lynch, Jeff Garlin, and Steve Carell. Personally, I loved Steve Carell in this, as I’ve loved him in practically everything he’s been in, he truly is a great actor. His role may have been miniscule and typical, but I believe he did a good job with what he was given. Is the movie worth it just to see these movies? Not at all. The movie is terrible, but once you start it, you can take comfort into seeing some of your favorite actors do their thing.

Burn it….burn this movie to the ground and never look back.

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