Erased (2012)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Fast-Paced, but boring

Ahh, we have to love those thrillers that make the main character feel crazy don’t we? Don’t we?! At least that’s what I thought before watching Erased. Give me any movie where everyone is trying to convince the main character that their life for the past year never existed, I’d usually be game right away. Instead, Erased is just one of those movies that never quits but never wins…high action all around, but couldn’t be more yawn-inspiring. I don’t think I need to say that it is a major disappointment, especially when A-Class actor Aaron Eckhart is involved.

Originally titled, The Expatriate, Erased stars Aaron Eckhart as ex-CIA agent Ben Logan in a Cat and Mouse-type spy thriller. When all of his colleagues wind up dead and his life erased, Logan finds out that along with his colleagues, he was meant to die a mysterious death as well. Coincidentally, everything that has been dear to him in the last year or so has been erased from existence. He barely even existed. Protecting his daughter, Logan must track down the men responsible and end this hunt for his and his daughter’s life once and for all.

So the concept isn’t terrible, it’s just been used so much. Not only that, but it seems to take plot points from other films, such as Taken. We’re dealing with CIA here, as well as security agencies, and apparently really smart terrorists. Let me try to explain why Logan and his daughter miraculously were safe when the others were killed. His daughter has a peanut allergy, ate something bad, and had to go to the hospital. Therefore, they didn’t go home and arrive just in time to meet the wrong end of a gun barrel. That’s all fine, but if you start asking questions…wouldn’t these smart guys realize that Logan and his daughter weren’t returning and do a quick search across agencies, finding out that they are in the hospital, in under two minutes? Care to answer that one?

There is a lot of action to this film, people, but none of it is really compelling enough to…watch. It’s a terrible feeling to watch a movie that should be heart-pounding and exciting and be boring. There just isn’t anything special or unique about this film, it is what it is…meh. Aaron Eckhart is a phenomenal actor in almost everything he does, and I could tell he definitely did what he could with the role, but the role was bland, stereotypical, and just written horribly. Just watch the movie and pay attention to the dialogue. Then try to explain the writing in general regarding plot. Someone clearly had no idea what they were doing.

The plot comes across as something trying to be very complex and important, like a big government ordeal, but no part of it is actually believable. Because of the unspecific and stereotypical idea, they could have chosen anything to base the story off of. The story they chose was more complicated than it had to be, starts getting confusing, and the actors explaining the plot didn’t even seem to understand the words coming out of their own mouths…that’s not a good thing, friends. This was not a good choice for Aaron Eckhart, not at all. The man is famous, you would think he is offered enough roles to have the choice to pick and choose, especially after The Dark Knight, but this is the garbage we are given.

The only thing I will say before leaving it up for you to decide is that there is obviously worse movies out there. The action is definitely action, just drowned out in a ridiculous premise. That being said, a lot of people just like action – plain and simple. If that’s you, then hey…here’s an action-filled movie. Just don’t have any expectations about a deep story, and you’ll be fine!

Erased came to Blu-Ray and DVD on Jul. 16!

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