Would You Rather (2012)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Unbelievably Stupid Premise

The next time that you are at your local video store, look out for those movies that have to do with a special…arranged dinner. For some reason or another, their plots are often completely ridiculous. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean the movie is bad, just unbelievable. In all fairness, though, a lot of these movies are going to be bad because they aren’t thoroughly thought through. All they seemingly want to do is get as far-fetched as possible, which clearly indicates a specifically geared target audience. Would You Rather is yet another horror film starring Brittany Snow that pushes the boundaries of the imagination.

Iris (Brittany Snow) needs income. Her brother is dying, and she just needs the income to support him medically. Some job interviews say maybe, but even if she got the job…it would take a long time to save the money to support her brother in the way that he needs. This is when she runs into an opportunity to make a lot of money. Not by loan sharks, but by joining a dinner party where if she won a game, she’d get the money and be able to take care of her brother. The game she must win is a twisted version of Would You Rather, a game of dilemmas, most of which had to do with harming yourself or harming the other person, and the game goes until all but one is “illuminated”…use your imagination.

Brittany Snow and her violent horror flicks…if you were to just think about the concept of this film, you’d start to see how stupid it really is.  This is a game, which has clearly been played multiple times before, in which a lot of people are murdered, and there is one victor. How in the world are the people that run the show not caught by now? You’re telling me that none of these victims that have gone through insane turmoil, none of them, would talk to the police? You ask me, every one of the winners would have turned in those psychopaths before they attacked again. The premise is just so ludicrous…the only reason it’s there is to show off how many different ways you can make someone uncomfortable, and break down before doing the unthinkable.

Everyone has a breaking point, this much is very true. To this degree is unthinkable, and I believe that the film at least captured the humanity that real people are capable of, taking the fall, attending wounds, thinking up a mutiny. I can believe that, when other horror flicks would just have every person out for themselves, harming or even killing the other person the first chance they get, this one at least retained that believability factor. That being said, the humanity of the contestants are practically the only good thing you can say about the movie. That and maybe some of the acting and lighting work.

The acting was over-the-top most of the time, but there are a few performances that are noteworthy here and there. It’s nothing to the degree of “Best Actor” material, but at least it had that element to help continue the desire to finish the film. The lighting of the film was dark and matched the theme the film was going for, that is also a good thing for a film to have, but other than that…the movie just wasn’t all that good, not unless you are a part of their target audience.

If you are indeed part of the target audience, you’ll notice that it is disturbing and your morbid curiosity may have the best of you, and that may make you want to finish the movie. But whatever audience that you are a part of, no one is going to think the film is satisfying as a whole. By the time the credits roll, there’s a good chance you’re just going to think the whole movie was pointless. So take that into consideration.

Would You Rather came to Blu-Ray and DVD on Jul. 9!



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