The Last Mimzy (2007)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Cute and Creative

It’s back to requested reviews this evening, and for a film I haven’t even heard of until it was recommended. This time around, it is a kid’s film. Typically, I have bittersweet feelings about kids’ films, because a lot of thought and depth aren’t always found in kids’ movies, so it’s always a risk. Will it be good or will it be bad? The Last Mimzy is a children’s fantasy…ish film that a lot of kids might actually enjoy watching, but some may be confused as to what’s really going on.

In the future, the world was facing ecological problems that would ultimately lead to its destruction. A scientist believed that the key to human survival was in the genes of people living in the past. When they realized that human would die attempting time travel, they simply send a few futuristic objects to the past dressed up as children’s toys. The two kids who pick up these toys are Noah and Emma Wilder, and the longer they are exposed to these objects, the more they begin to recognize that they are gaining superhuman abilities. These abilities mostly had to do with seeing the world in a new light – regular senses magnified. Events, of course, magnify when federal agents become involved, headed by the late great Michael Clarke Duncan.

What can I say? It’s a kid’s movie, and the kids are cute. Any child can watch this movie and love it for a couple reasons: futuristic super toys and superpowers. I guess they might also like the pretty lights and colors. I can’t really imagine them appreciating the overall story though, at least not the deep parts about it. This is a movie about ecological problems, however unspecific those are, but I just cannot see kids paying close attention to that. So in a way, for a movie to have a deeper message that adults can pick up on would almost feel like other kid-centric serious movies, like E.T. or Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but the way it was executed here still felt like a kids movie. I can pretty much say the filmmakers were slightly confused to who their target audience was.

The concept, I’ll admit, was creative – even ambitious. Sending things into the past to save humanity is not really a new concept. This film could have easily made the movie adult-centered and the objects not made to look like toys. However, I was glad to see they didn’t take the easy road, and made this a more family fun adventure. Sure, futuristic scientists sending a bunch of toys through time doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s a kid’s movie. I just wish they did it in a way that kids could fully understand the plot.

Finally, the acting was pretty decent all around. It’s always a risk to have a new kid act in a movie, because let’s be honest, sometimes kids can really suck in movies. Bad. This time around, the kids were cute and their ability to act was believable. It was also pretty awesome to see Rainn Wilson in a more serious role. Visually speaking, the visual effects were uniquely designed and often stunning. Even the soundtrack was noticeably decent.

I can admittedly say that this movie is an interesting piece, and had a lot of potential. I really don’t think the filmmakers went the absolute best route they could have, but considering everything, I believe they did the best they could. I am glad I saw it, but I just can’t really see myself watching it again. For me, it was good for a one-time viewing, so that’s why this is a rent for me.

Check out The Last Mimzy and tell me what you think of it!


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