Kick-Ass (2010)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Idiots in Costumes

I love Superhero films as much as the next nerd, but in my time of reviewing films, I’ve learned that they aren’t all great. Some are bound to be horrid. Nevertheless, my anticipation of the super and not-so-superpowered heroes is unmatched and always hopeful. It’s just those movies that have the courage to do something that’s never been done before. Kiss-Ass is a prime example of a more original and comedic superhero flick. Even though the premise could be seen as unoriginal in some aspects, it’s still done in a way that you can’t really tell, which is honestly all that matters in the long run

In a world not unlike our own, where the superheroes and super villains live in the pages of comic books, hero wannabes roam the streets. Complete in original spandex suits. Among these “heroes” is Dave (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), the nerd of nerds. After buying a nice green suit, he named himself “Kick-Ass” and began patrolling the streets. After being pummeled by a couple of thugs, he obtained his “powers”. Powers that consisted of metallic coating on his skeleton and messed-up nerve endings that made it difficult for him to feel anything at all. From there, he ran into Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his daughter sidekick, Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz). Big Daddy and Hit Girl obviously were taken straight from Batman and Robin, not that they were trying to hide it. As a team, they plan to take down the big crime boss of the city, Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong).

What I mean by unoriginal is that there have been other films where the non-powered tried to be powerful through the use of masquerading as a superhero. I also meant that this film acted as a parody of other superhero flicks such as Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman. I do, however, understand why that was done. How are you supposed to care about the characters at all if the entire story was original? Personally, I think they had it in them if they really cared enough to make the movie any more of a success. As it is, I think they did alright.

This is a comedy that operates as both a parody making fun of hero films as well as paying homage where needed. So, they make fun of the cliche moments seen in practically every movie with superheroes and respect the inspiration that heroes can bring to the table as well. This may only be me, but I do think that the comedy in the movie felt flat at times, as I didn’t really find myself laughing out loud as much as maybe I should have, or was supposed to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking forward to what they do with the sequel, and what Jim Carrey brings to the table. I have a hard time not laughing when Carrey is involved.

The concept, visuals, tone, and pacing was great. You could tell that everything that was done behind the camera had a clear goal, and that goal was met. Whether or not the movie affects you the way it was meant to is irrelevant. It feels like a professional movie, and it was stitched together quite nicely. The acting is also pretty good; however, I would have liked a deeper connection with the title character. Not everything needs to be a joke. All they needed was that one aspect that could connect with anyone. Instead, what you have is a nerdy character that any kid could relate to, but no unique qualities that separate him from the rest. I suppose that’s where his unique costume comes to play.

In the end, the movie was at least entertaining enough to warrant interest for a sequel. I know for a fact that many people think this film is hilarious, and I am glad they were able to connect with it in a way that I couldn’t. I liked it, but mostly just for the concept and the way it was made. I’m slightly iffy on the content. I still have high hopes for the second one though!

::what others had to say::

“The premise is highly original, and perfect for any superhero nerd” – Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

“The story manages to balance the fine line of being both exactly what you’d want such a story to be, and also to have enough subtle twists and turns to keep it fresh and inventive.” –  The Movie Evangelist

” It is dark, it is violent, it is filled with foul-mouthed characters who do Bad Things, it is a comic book come to life, although admittedly a bit filthier than your standard Marvel and DC fare.” – A Movie a Day, Every Day


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