POLL: Newly-Designed Header – Yay or Nay?

What-Maisie-KnewThere are two pieces to this updated system

  1. The sidebar was removed to allow for more screen area to more easily read the review poster (UPDATE: I did remove the sidebar at first, and this did make it easier to read the image, but in the long run, it allowed way too much space for just words, and it just looked wrong for the review itself. So the sidebar is back, and you should still be able to read the image. If not, just click it, it’s full HD)
  2. The review poster was re-vamped – adding movie details (rating, genre, runtime) and GuysNation was added to the list of other ratings.

At the same time, my stamps will be removed. They are replaced with just the words “Buy it” “Rent it” “Skip it” or “Burn it” on the right.

What do you think of this new system, I want to hear from you. Do you prefer the old system, or do you like this? Vote below, and add additional comments in the comments section. Thanks!


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