DVD Releases for 8.20.13


In general, this week of movies is rather bland. Two of the films made “burn” status. Two movies made “rent” status, and one got a “skip”.

Best Release of the Week:

Killing Season (64%)

Killing Season clearly had its issues. John Travolta was unquestionably the worst choice for the villain. No one is going to believe his Serbian accent, and no one will believe his beard (you had to be there). But the idea alone isn’t terrible, and Robert De Niro does a decent job in his role.

Worst Release of the Week:

Scary Movie 5 (5%)

When Scary Movie first came out, it had some good ideas. Yes, that is where our modern view of parodies originated for the most part, but the original films in the franchise had smart moves. For example, they were parodying Scream, which if you knew anything about Scream, you would know that it was parodying horror films in general. Scary Movie started out as a parody of a parody, that’s hilarious. It then turned into a giant blob of slosh that they define as comedy. I’m sorry, but this was bad.


  1. Epic (58%): An animated film with green-friendly overtones that overestimated its own title.
  2. Evidence (13%): Hard-to-follow crime thriller where evidence specialists watch found-footage tapes.
  3. Killing Season (64%): Old geezers hunting each other in the woods with bow and arrows.
  4. Rapture-Palooza (61%): Arguably blaspheming R-rated comedy on the end-of-days.
  5. Scary Movie 5 (5%): Proof that the Scary Movie franchise has no chance for a comeback.

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