Final Destination 4 (2009)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Waste of Time

The good thing about horror films in 3D is that almost every time they use real 3D, not any of that post-processed stuff. The bad thing about it is that they often don’t know how to use what they have appropriately. The 3D ends up being tacky and gimmicky. If say, you know how the Final Destination series goes, and heard the fourth film would be in 3D… if you could guess how they would use it…and you were right, they did something horribly wrong. Any movie should be unpredictable, especially this series, but Final Destination 4, otherwise known as The Final Destination was as predictable as predictability goes.

The catastrophe that started off the film this time was a deadly race car accident. Cars crash and flip all over the place (as seen sometimes in real car races), but this time it’s worse. Parts escape and impale people, other parts impale other people, and well…there’s a lot of impaling going on. Why? So they can have things sticking out of the theater screen in 3D, of course. Nick (Bobby Campo) was responsible for having this premonition as is able to save quite a few lives that day, the only problem is death is after them for cheating death, blah blah blah.

The other films in the series had the same structure, yes, but they always added an element to the story that kept things fresh. The second one introduced “only new life can defeat death”, the third film introduced the clues in the photographs as to how the survivors would die. This one…well Nick continued to get vague premonitions of how survivors would die…but that was totally only used to show how cool things look in 3D. It also really wasn’t all that new. In the other films, the main character often got some form of premonition or another before another survivor died. Also, again with showing how the person will die. That removes all form of the unknown and anticipation. Will he die this way, that way, or will it happen suddenly? No one cares anymore. No one is on the ends of their seats, looking away, cringing at what could happen. Nope. We know how it’ll happen, get it over with already.

The 3D could have been used well, but the problem is…they really didn’t need 3D for this series at all. Some people say it helped out, some don’t, and I’m in the latter group. It was just a big gimmick. How many times can they make things pop out of the screen? I watched this in 2D, and saw every single attempt to entertain the 3D audience…so it just wasn’t any fun. Even if I watched it in its intended 3D, I wouldn’t have had any fun. Pop-out 3D hurts your eyes more and gives you headaches. Not to mention the fact that it is cliché, and the movie depends on it to survive. I say fail, sir, major fail.

Tony Todd wasn’t in this film at all, live or voice acting. Look close, folks, this is what a movie looks like when it’s made just to make money. The acting is laughable, the 3D is in your face (maybe even to distract you on how bad the movie is). The series completely forgot what made it successful in the first place, and heck…it’s completely and utterly predictable.

Final Destination 4 is just a clone. There’s nothing original about it, and it relied too heavily on the 3D element to save its skin. This may have been the exact moment when the series lost its original mission completely…we’ll see. Next up is the last film in the franchise, Final Destination 5.

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