The Paranormal Activity Collection (2009-2012)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Only the First

Usually, I have good things to say about certain horror films, especially if the first film in the franchise is what I call a masterpiece. This time, I really can’t say a lot of great things. Paranormal Activity was the scariest film I have ever seen, hands down, and from the whole series, the only movie that’s really worth the look.

Individual reviews:

  1. Paranormal Activity
  2. Paranormal Activity 2
  3. Paranormal Activity 3
  4. Paranormal Activity 4

[SPOILER ALERT:] Paranormal Activity Series explained in chronological order

Back in 1988, Katie and Kristi befriend a demon that they refer to as “Toby”. Their mother’s boyfriend documents the entire thing with some really impressive VHS tapes. Well, their mother and her boyfriend end up getting killed by this unseen force, and their grandmother, who is apparently a witch, takes them in. She performs some kind of ritual off-screen that promises a demon a firstborn male, either Katie’s or Kristi’s…whichever comes first.

In 2006, Kristi is revisited by this demon when she gives birth to Hunter. So the demon is after Hunter, and the entire family begins to feel the demon’s wrath once more. So Kristi’s husband consults with their house-cleaner, who knows a little too much about exorcising a demon. She tells him how to get rid of the demon, but they can only do that through another blood relative. So the husband sends the demon to Katie.

A few months later, Katie starts feeling the wrath of the demon, and her boyfriend Micah records the activity, aggravating the demon in order to have it show itself. Well, that just makes it angry, and it takes over Katie’s body and kills Micah. Finally, it heads back to Kristi’s house and finally kidnaps Hunter.

Here’s where it gets loopy. Katie, at some point, puts Hunter up for adoption, and a new family adopts him, giving him the new name of Wyatt. Meanwhile, Katie kidnaps some other kid…maybe? His name is Robbie. Robbie comes to live with Wyatt’s family when Katie gets sick and goes to the hospital. Robbie marks Wyatt, and Katie comes back to collect Hunter for God knows what. Finally, the series up to this point ends with about a thousand witches heading toward the screen.

Paranormal Activity 4 really messed things up. I can understand up to kidnapping Hunter, by why go through all that trouble to put him up for adoption? She might not have gone through all of that legal stuff, but she still lost Hunter after three movies of leading up to his kidnapping…doesn’t make a lot of logical sense. And who the heck is Robbie? Some random kid? This series, at some point, nuked the fridge.

That curiosity of mine forces me to want to see the sequels they have coming out in 2014, but I am surely worried that they will be just as terrible. Heed my warning. Don’t watching anything past the first film in the series, and you’ll be okay…the first one is amazing…the others…heaven forbid.

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