Carrie (1976)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Unforgettable…not scary.

Recently, I have been going through film after film, trying to find the most memorable horror film. Memorable is actually pretty generic when you think about it. Memorable in what way? Because it is nostalgic, violent, scary, original, what? I’m actually someone who has never seen the horror classic, Carrie, but I’ve heard that it’s among the scariest films out there, so why not give this one a try? After watching it, to give you a quick idea of what I thought: Scary doesn’t match any of my definitions, instead, I find disturbing and unforgettable suits it better.

Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is that girl in high school that everyone makes fun of. Raised by an uptight Christian mother that thinks everything is a sin and everyone is an evil sinner. She looks weird, talks weird, has telekinetic powers…is just a strange one all around. She’s the kind of girl that can barely even open her mouth without someone taking the advantage of laughing at her or putting her down. After gym, she was showering with the other girls when she got her first period. Obviously…her life was ruined from this moment onward, because she made herself look stupid by crying out, thinking she was dying. The girls made fun of her, scarring her forever, and the gym teacher punished them by giving them detention. They decided to get her back by setting up an elaborate revenge scheme involving pig’s blood and an unforgettable night at prom.

Now, I might get some hate for saying this…but I wasn’t even a little bit scared of Carrie, I instead felt sorry for her. So when she started killing everyone, I was rooting for her. Serves them right. I was instead scared of her mother, that lady is downright crazy. I was also scared and disgusted of the human race for treating another person like that. From first-hand experience, I know how high school life can go, and they painted a rather accurate portrayal of it in this film. So was I scared, no, but I did find the film incredibly memorable.

This film is so memorable that even though I have never seen it before, I knew how everything would go, almost scene by scene. This is a movie that was successful enough to have people talk about it, good promotion or bad…they still made it clear in one way or another how Carrie would pan out. There is no other movie like it, Carrie was and is an incredibly unforgettable film, but not because it’s “scary”, because it’s disturbingly real in regards to the bullying. This is essentially more of a look into how bullying affects teens, and the power of the rage it can cause. No, real life wouldn’t be supernatural, but that doesn’t mean it would be any less dangerous. People snap in real life.

Here’s the thing though, if her mother would be that anal-retentive about believing everyone in the world are these sinful entities, and if she would really want to protect her daughter from all of that “infection”, she would homeschool her daughter instead. People do it all the time for that exact same reason. The movie wouldn’t be squat if that’s how it worked, but realistically speaking, the personality of the mother doesn’t match her decisions to put Carrie into a public school system.

Carrie isn’t a film I would cling onto a significant other while watching. It’s not something I would look away from anticipation of fear. It’s not something I would have jumping frights from. Simply put, it’s just not something I’m afraid of…at all. However, it is incredibly memorable and still original to this day, and that holds great significance over this film.


3 thoughts on “Carrie (1976)

  1. Iconic flick and your closing comments pretty much mirrors my own feelings. One of my favorite De Palma movies and I like quite a few of them. Nice job. A fun read, man!


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