Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
It’s getting better.

I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m pretty much out-of-the-loop in regards to how everyone feels about the Friday the 13th series. Most like the first and second film the best, but overall…I just see the series continually improving, and I really didn’t like the first movie. Think of the Nightmare on Elm Street Collection. At this point, the series has already gone full comedy-mode, and tackiness was everywhere you looked…this time though…Friday the 13th: A New Beginning really starts to give you a reason to stick through it and watch this series.

Ladies and gentleman, Tommy Jarvis is back and he’s all grown up. The thing is…he’s crazy. After not only witnessing Jason’s death, but causing it with multiple swings of a machete, Tommy is in a mental institution. Lucky him, he is sent off to Pinehurst Halfway House, which is conveniently settled down on what appears to be, again, Crystal Lake, though it doesn’t specifically say that. His dreams are plagued with visions of Jason protruding from his grave, and when deaths start happening around him, he expects Jason is back from the grave. However, it may not be so easily explained.

I complained about it not once, not twice, or even thrice. I complained about it four times – there was never a protagonist. Random people don’t count, there needs to be someone that you actually can like. Now, for once they aren’t just focusing on bland characters while Jason purposelessly kills them off. They now have a main character that we like; a character in which the story revolves around. All I have to say about that is finally! I even mentioned in the last review that I hope to God that they bring back Tommy, because out of all of the movies thus far, his character is the only one you truly remember other than Jason, of course. It’s like they listened to me because they brought him back, and they did it with a bang.

I also mentioned that I wanted to see the next film to see how they can possibly continue the story, having the fact that Jason was sliced to death multiple times. I mean…they can only get away with saying he survived this and that so many times. I think we saw his head get sliced in half last time…there’s no coming back from that. This time, it kind of comes back around to how the first movie was done – we don’t know who is killing these people. Is it Jason, who somehow cheated death again, is it one of the psychos in the halfway house, or is it Tommy, who clearly has the closest connection to Jason, having affected him in a deeper way? There are so many things it could be, and how it turns out is surprising. Unfortunately, it’s surprising in a bad way, it doesn’t make much sense, and not because Jason is dead. It just seemed like a random explanation in the end. I will say that I am glad that they didn’t just explain it the same way they always do, and just have Jason come back alive and expect us to accept it.

To sum it all up for you, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning was suspenseful; it had a clear villain and protagonist; it had a present mystery that the audience wants to figure out as well; and it gave us a solid reason to actually watch the series past morbid curiosity as to how Jason will kill next. It taught us that Jason is more than a person, he’s an idea, and whoever wears that hockey mask can take his place. Now…if they’ll actually use this to their advantage or not is to be seen. I hope they do, but we can only dream, right?

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