Friday the 13th: The New Blood (1988)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Carrie vs. Jason.

Call me selfish, but I feel like a movie should be special if it were released in the same year as my birthday, but I’m always usually disappointed. I will say that the original Die Hard film, which was also released in the same year, was more than “special”, but I feel if I talk more about that…we’ll just dive way off topic. I was born in 1988, the same years as Friday the 13th: The New Blood. I think it is safe enough to say that the series has overstayed its reasonable welcome. I myself am satisfied enough with the series, and I’m not particularly asking for more, but why the heck not? This seventh film deals with Jason coming into contact with someone with…powers.

Tina has the force…or telekinesis rather. When she was a young girl, she lived on Crystal Lake and accidentally killed her father with her newly-found abilities. Years later, she travels back to that site to speak to a counselor on how to fix and harness her abilities. Before you start thinking this is the next superhero flick, it’s not, because her powers release Jason from his murky prison, and he begins, once again, wreaking his havoc on everyone at the camp.

This time, there is even more supernatural elements involved. Hate me if you want, but I see the positives of both sides, I understand the horror aspect when the movie was slightly believable. I mean, a living psychopath coming after you, a legend, people dying…there are genuine things to fear there. On the other hand, I personally prefer the supernatural with horror films. Jason is much more terrifying and memorable as a skeletal zombie killer with a spine visibly protruding from his back and ribs poking out his front. You may disagree, but I think as far as Jason’s look goes, I think he hit his full potential. If Jason looked this way from the beginning I honestly think the franchise’s rating would be generally higher. His looks alone can induce some nightmares.

However, I don’t think I’m much of a fan of the whole…Carrie thing with the telekinesis. I like when telekinetic powers are implemented in various movies and TV shows, but I don’t think it has a place for Friday the 13th. That being said, because of that, Tina is indeed a memorable heroine in the series. She’s very memorable…for one movie. I can’t see myself wanting to see her character more, but she was definitely worth it to be in one of the films. This franchise definitely made the right choice in deciding to give each film a protagonist, so there are two sides of the spectrum that we are paying attention to: Jason and (insert protagonist name here). In this case, Tina. No more of that random, pointless deaths just because they could. We watch movies so we can get pulled in and care about the characters that may or may not eventually be killed off.

I also like the character of the main psychologist. They didn’t have to make him a greedy man trying to benefit off of Tina’s abilities, but they did. I love that. It’s the little details that make a movie more enjoyable. So in all, there was much more character development in Friday the 13th: The New Blood and more focus on the terrifying appearance of Jason Vorhees…but it is clearly becoming very old very fast. Every time Jason distinctively has a conclusive end, and there is never a way for him to return, yet he does…every single time. I might have to pull the “boy who cried wolf” card soon when it comes to Jason’s resurrections. 

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