The Lone Ranger (2013)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Why so long?

Who wants to play a little game of “Name off all Movies Based off TV Shows”? Let’s see, there’s 21 Jump Street, Dark Shadows, The Lone Ranger…wait a second, those are all films with Johnny Depp. Let’s face is, there’s a lot of movies based off TV. Technically The Lone Ranger began as a radio program, but its biggest popularity that I know of came from the TV show. This television program debuted in 1933, which is partly a time frame in which this film takes place in, but not really…you’ll see.

In 1933, a young boy with a fascination into the legend of the Lone Ranger stumbles upon a museum that displayed a range of classic things like ancient animals, cavemen, and Native Americans. The Native American in his natural habitat was in fact Tonto as an old man, who apparently worked for a museum to just sit there. He tells this young boy of the adventures he had with the real Lone Ranger. After they met on a train years before, a young lawyer by the name of John Reid was shot and almost killed. Tonto saved his life, and claimed he was a spirit walker, a man that has escaped death and cannot die. The two of them hunt down ruthless, greedy, heart-eating criminals who have only one interest…stealing silver (and lots of it).

I have a slight advantage…or….disadvantage on this film depending on who you are. I never heard the radio program or watched the TV show. I’m a bit young for all of that. The positives there is that I cannot be biased, as many critics before me have been, trying to compare it to a several-year old television show…shame shame. On the other hand, the negative aspect to that is that I can’t notice when they make inside jokes for the fans. All I really know is the classic theme song…anyone who is alive has heard it and can connect it to the show. Other than that, I know “High-ho Silver, Away” – but only because Jim Carrey said it in Bruce Almighty. That’s about the extent of real knowledge I have of the show.

That being said, I want to first point out that the movie is really long. Too long. There is absolutely no reason on this Earth for the film to be two and a half hours long…No reason. I can see maybe a solid two hours, but no more. The last half hour of the film is the best and most heart-racing, the first half hour to hour of the film is really great in accordance to character and story development, but that’s only an hour and a half of good material. There’s a whole other hour of stuff that could theoretically be taken out to preserve time and make the film more effectively entertaining.

Next, the mixture of comedy, action, and old west may remind you of other movies like it…say…Wild Wild West? There’s actually a lot in this film that might remind you of Will Smith’s popular flick, but we’re not here to compare the two. I will say that even though I liked Johnny Depp’s character, I didn’t feel it was as unique as possible. I feel as if we’ve already seen Depp play to his potential in regards to characters. You can paint his face all you want, but his style of acting is starting to feel similar to others he has played. That silent…awkward, almost bumbling character with plenty of facial expressions to go around. So…I couldn’t help but feel as though Depp was just shuffling together old, already used character traits.

The best part of this film wasn’t the story, but the chemistry between Hammer and Depp is legendary, and they keep the flick from completely toppling over.

The Lone Ranger isn’t the best collaboration between Johnny Depp and Disney/Bruckheimer, and it wasn’t as epic, but it still was entertaining for a single viewing. It wasn’t as bad as people have made it out to be, not at all, but it wasn’t incredibly memorable either.


2 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger (2013)

  1. Good review Dave. I tried to like this one, but just nothing was working for me here. Felt way too long, and way too boring for a summer blockbuster marketed towards kiddies.


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