Iron Man (2008)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
How it began.

Call me crazy, call me a fanboy, but when it comes to Marvel and The Avengers, I can never get enough. Even though Marvel has had plenty of hero flicks up to this point, their “Cinematic Universe” didn’t come into play until Iron Man showed up in theaters in 2008. The Cinematic Universe in question has been called other names in the past, mostly “The Avengers Universe”. Spider-man and the X-Men are pretty much excluded from this universe for…Sony reasons. It’s unfortunate that these two huge heroes don’t make it to the Cinematic Universe, but that’s where Iron Man steps up and takes over, and what a pleasant surprise it was.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is a billionaire entrepreneur and the god of inventions. His company, Stark Industries worked primarily on weapons developments, and he recently created a powerful missile called “The Jericho”. While out in Afghanistan presenting his product, he is ambushed by a group of terrorists carrying his weapons and ordering him to create Jericho for them. He initially refuses, but decides to play along and create a big robotic suit capable of keeping him alive as well as escaping. When he returns home, he shuts down the weapons department of his company and starts building more suits to fight crime and destroy the bad rep his company was burying itself with. He needed to find the mole in his company and stop them before they continue to steal Stark’s designs…including the Iron Man suit. Meanwhile, Agent Phil Coulson with S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to get Tony’s attention.

I want to first mention the major plot hole this film had before worshipping the rest. It is founded on this primary idea that these terrorists want him to create a missile…his missile. At the same time, they have practically every other weapon Stark has ever created right in their arsenal, thanks to a mole in Stark Industries. Can I just ask one simple question? Why in the world do they need Tony to build them anything when they have a willing mole already? There is an answer to this question, but it’s not readily known, but it has something to do with them not actually ever wanting the missile. It was just a façade while their real mission was to kill Tony. Some may miss that though, because the first forty minutes or so are very convincing.

Now, onto the praise. I distinctly remember that before this film was released, I had only heard of the comics, and had absolutely no real interest in the character or the stories. It wasn’t my thing. Furthermore, I thought Robert Downey Jr. was simply too old to play the character, and I honestly thought it would bomb…boy was I wrong. The one thing that made this film absolutely perfect was Downey Jr.’s personality. He made this film the best Marvel movie in a long time, and even considered the best Marvel movie of all time. It had such a magnificent impact that it’s still reeling in it, Iron Man is still planned for Avengers 2, & 3. Talk about success.

Now, I do review this for a modern audience, and I’ll tell you one thing you might catch. Don Cheadle plays Rhodey in the rest of the series while Terrence Howard plays him in the first one. I can tell you that I wasn’t a fan of the cast change when I learned about it, but it won’t affect you, because you aren’t supposed to watch any of the other films without watching this first. This introduced you to the character of Iron Man, this introduced you to his funny and sarcastic side, to Pepper, to Agent Coulson, and yes, even Nick Fury. This was an important element to the Avengers, and it’s not a film to be missed.

Iron Man is one of the most shocking films in the Avengers franchise. It introduced us to a character most of us had little knowledge in, and made it Marvel’s best weapon against competing brands. That’s what I call a movie.

9 thoughts on “Iron Man (2008)

  1. Just re-watched this one again the other day. It is just a very well done superhero flick and Robert Downey Jr. is just perfect for the role. For my money, it is easily the best of the three Iron Man flick.


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