The Incredible Hulk (2008)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Best Hulk Yet.

Remember that Ang Lee Hulk movie that everyone and their mom bashed because it had too much story and mutant poodles? Well, I so happen to like it, but I will say that the Hulk was a bit too green, if at all possible. Well…I’ll also admit that Eric Bana already looked tough enough to beat someone up without needing to be the Hulk…so yes…there were some flaws. Not enough to call it one of the worst superhero flicks of all time though. Well, in 2008 The Incredible Hulk was released starring none other than Edward Norton.

We start our adventure off in Rio, where Bruce Banner is staying low and controlling his anger. It has been around 160 days since his last “hulk-out”, and he’s feeling pretty good about himself. He has been in contact with Mr. Blue, an anonymous scientist quietly helping Bruce out in finding an ultimate cure. Well, General Ross is onto his whereabouts, and sends teams in, including Emil Blomsky (Tim Roth), a very…power-hungry individual. Bruce finds the data needed in order to revert back to a normal person, so he heads back to America. It is there that Blomsky is treated with stuff based on the treatment that made Captain America a super soldier…only…it didn’t work with his blood quite as well as it did with the Cap’n, because the serum wasn’t just right…it made Blomsky more of an…abomination than a super soldier.

So when I heard Edward Norton was taking over the role of the Hulk, I hated the idea…but I was probably the only one. I thought he was too scrawny to take on such an explosive role, but what I didn’t initially understand was…that was the point. Norton does a great job at taking on such a tough role, and he did it in such a thrilling way. You like him, you love the Hulk, and care about both equally. Some people are aggravated in how the Hulk looks. They say it doesn’t look like Norton, but I’m okay with that, I see the monster and Norton as the same…but also very different, and the looks aren’t as important as the believability in the monster. I believed this monster existed, the CGI was unbelievably impressive, and those facial expressions on such a beast are amazing.

People originally complained about too much story in the original film, and here’s your answer. Action insanity. It’s loud and proud with the action, and I am also happy with the amount of action. It kept me on the edge of my seat and there was enough story to understand Banner’s goals and obstacles. Point A – Hulk is dangerous and uncontrollable. Point B – No more Hulk. That was the goal, and it was as simple as pie to understand, yet it still throws surprises here and there as to how it really ends. It’s beginning sort of re-imagined the events of the first film, and the end solidly matched the events of The Avengers.

So how does this match The Avengers? Well let’s see. There was a lot of connections to Iron Man, the beginning montage even said “Stark Industries”, and then most of you know about the special end scene with Tony Stark. There were also nods to Captain America, and for the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that’s pleasantly impressive. Stark in two 2008 Marvel movies…nice.

The Incredible Hulk is one of my favorite versions of the Hulk. When it comes down to visuals, both Bruce Banner and The Hulk probably looked the best here, but The Avengers is a close second.

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