Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Could be better.

Before I even knew what Marvel was, I knew the character of Captain America in all his Boy Scout blue wonders. I knew very little of how he came about, or what really made him tick, but for better or worse…I knew who he was. There were a few really old flicks that nowadays would be tackier than anything else, but back then they were awesome. I never really thought seriously about wanting to see a newer film with a more in-depth look into Steve Rogers’ origin. Now that it’s here, I’m glad it was taken care of, but now I just want them to get on with Captain America being Captain America.

Steve Rogers is as loyal as loyal gets when it comes down to serving his country. The only problem is that his country keeps turning down his applications to serve in World War II. He was simply too skinny and had too many health concerns that they wouldn’t take him. However, his loyalty prevailed and before long, he was noticed for his outstanding bravery. He was entered into a super soldier program which poofed him right up and made him…well…super. After not being taken seriously for God knows how long, he finally proved himself when he took it upon himself to take part in a one-man rescue mission. After that, it was after Red Skull, an evil Nazi that has a dangerous weapon called the Tesseract.

So does it live up to my memory of Captain America? Good question, but I’d have to say absolutely. I very much felt like this guy was the Captain America I remember. There’s one thing about his character that people might complain about, and that is his “Captain” status. Even in The Avengers, the captain isn’t giving orders, isn’t leading, he is just…there. It’s worse in this film because he’s practically working alone. He has a team by the second half, but it just doesn’t feel right. In The Avengers, he’s just…there. Iron Man and Nick Fury seem to be the leaders…that’s not entirely right. I guess they wanted more focus on the character alone. Sometimes though…a character on its own isn’t enough.

My main issue with this film was skinny Steve. I understand the change had to be extreme, so they made Rogers this inky dink of a man, but we all know Chris Evans. We have seen him in several other films. No one will buy this is Chris. He’s too short and too skinny. Even if he tried he wouldn’t have been able to look like that. He was CGI’d to look skinny and short. I would have preferred a different actor that was actually skinny and short, because for some reason or another, I couldn’t buy it. I just…laugh. Sorry. Once he is bigger and full of muscles, I’m all for it. He kicks butt.

I’m not a man known for liking old films or even films taking place several years ago. Even so, I can easily respect a film for doing a magnificent job at convincing the audience when in time it is. The film looked wonderful. All of the actors did a great job with their roles. When it comes to connections with The Avengers, you got Howard Stark (Iron Man) and the Tesseract (Thor). Other than that, you have (once again) the end credits scene with Nick Fury.  Up next is The Avengers, as we have now met all of the Avengers.

Captain America: The First Avenger is a great nostalgic film reminding us of why the Captain was such a great character overall. It also taught us to hold onto hope. His character was created for World War II, with a truly patriotic meaning. It didn’t only have to be World War II though. Our country is always in trouble, and it’s always good to have someone to look forward to. Captain America doesn’t exist, but patriotic individuals like him do. So I respect that.

5 thoughts on “Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

  1. I think using CGI to make Evans into “skinny Steve” was absolutely the right choice and it works wonders within the context of the film. For me, the only way this could have come off any better was by having Evans actually lose weight for those early scenes, but that was probably impractical and certainly unhealthy. Having a different actor play the role wouldn’t have been true to the character. The serum makes him an enhanced version of himself, not an entirely different person which is what using some other guy would have made it feel like. On the other hand, I do agree with everything else you said.


    1. I never said it wasn’t the right choice, I just said I couldn’t really believe it. I knew Chris Evans years before this movie, and since its release. There is no way I’d believe that’s really him, and half the time it’s simply his head on a smaller guy’s body. That’s coming straight from Evan’s mouth, I’m not just guessing.

      Anyways, it was just a personal beef I had. Doesn’t mean you should too. I’m glad you liked it.


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