Pacific Rim (2013)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Transformers vs. Godzilla

Imagine if you will, a table of filmmakers sitting around a table. They are all staring at each other, pondering their next move. Their mission? To create the next big thing, the next action flick. An action film with plenty of violence, CGI, explosions, and 3D goodness. Finally, they need the destruction theoretically done in the film to mount up to billions, even trillions of dollars in property damage. Once you got all that, you got a film! So what do you have now? Well…obviously you have this year’s mega-blockbuster, Pacific Rim.

So sometime in the near future, these huge monsters surfaced from somewhere deep in the ocean. They continued to create havoc, and people weren’t having any more of it. So, they created these massive robots to fight off the monsters. They were good at it until the monsters started getting bigger and badder, coming more frequently making it harder to beat them. It is up to the two best people to get the job done, Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) and Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) team up to battle the newest monsters while monster experts Newton (Charlie Day) and Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) discover something previously unknown about the beasts that may be key to their ultimate destruction.

This entire film works as like, a sequel to a film that never happened. The first 5-10 minutes explains the main origin story and how we got to this point, which in all honesty could work as a standalone film. There is plenty of details there. However, I’m glad they didn’t. How many Godzilla movies do we have? Even Cloverfield and Super 8 are the same type of thing. Instead, this kind of takes a new approach into a breed of films that we’ve already seen before. Two kinds of movies, actually. Robots not unlike Transformers and monsters like Godzilla.

I’m not even kidding, this movie will satisfy the child still hidden deep inside yourself. It’s that world of make believe when you’re playing with your toys and smashing them together that comes alive in this movie. That’s why even though the story in this film isn’t really perfect, or even really that noteworthy,  it still hits you in a nostalgic kind of way; a fun, action-filled nostalgic ride. The same goes for the characters. They aren’t written very amazingly, but they are really memorable, and you love them regardless. Everything in the movie is so colorful and rich, and it leaves you wanting to watch it again and again.

You can’t even watch this movie without complimenting the soundtrack. You’ll be bopping your head to the music, and even want to buy the soundtrack upon its release, it’s just that good. The music is good and the visuals are incredible. You never know what to expect on these big budgeted films, because if you’re going to destroy so much property, that is a lot of rendering time, how much detail can they really get right? Well, all of it I guess, because as far as visuals go, this film is intense. It’s really good.

For the most part, Pacific Rim is more of a fun film than anything else, and when I say fun, I mean thoroughly entertaining. It won’t be winning any award for its writing, story, or characters, but if there was an award for “Best Time Watching a Movie”, I think we’d have a winner. Check this movie out, you won’t care about the flaws when you watch it, or that it is really long, because before too long, you’ll be invested completely.

4 thoughts on “Pacific Rim (2013)

  1. My experience watching this flick with my son was amazing. I had so much fun. It really appealed to the 13 year old boy in me. We love Kaiju movies and this was a no brainer for us. Del Toro owned this movie! Good review, Dave


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