X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Cluttered, wasted potential.

So after I gave high praise to one X-Men movie, you guys may be happy that I’m going to take a dump on the other bad film in the franchise. In my review of X-Men: The Last Stand I laid down the law when it came down to creative freedom, and how much the film really does fit in with the rest. I am now going to lay down the law for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which I’ll admit had some great ideas, but overshot what they wanted to do with it, making it a tired, clumsy mess.

Alright, so meet Jimmy Logan. Jimmy and Victor Creed are half-brothers, and have a special gift, their bones come out of their hands – which are useful for weapon tactics. So they go off to war together, Logan for the right reasons, but Creed kept showing signs of misuse of power. After the war, they are recruited by William Stryker to a band of other mutants called Team X. Logan decides to leave, though, when he starts to realize their methods aren’t what he signed up for. So for six years, he gets into a relationship with a girl and starts work at a construction factory until Victor starts killing old team members of Team X. So to help find Creed, Logan decides to fully become Wolverine with the adamantium and goes after his half-brother, but not before living with a couple of old folks. Only to realize he and Stryker were working together the whole time on a secret project involving the kidnapping of several other mutants. *exhales deeply*

Wow. I’m sorry for the clutter, but to be fair, this film is cluttered. To clear up the clutter better let me share this cheat sheet: Kid Wolverine; War-Fightin’ Wolverine; Mutant Army Wolverine; Canadian Dating Wolverine; Construction Man Wolverine; Newly Adamantium Discovered Wolverine; and Revenge Wolverine. – all the meanwhile, you have to keep track of what’s happening on the outside world, and all of these X-Men being introduced, and whatever the heck is really happening.

Each of the other X-Men films had a pretty clear theme, and that usually had to do with acceptance. Next to the theme usually came a pretty clear plot as well, we knew what was going down from the beginning, and we knew the X-Men were on the job. What’s the theme in Origins? Nothing that I can clearly see, and when in doubt, I’d usually say coming-of-age. I mean, hey…it’s an origin story isn’t it? Unfortunately, I don’t even see coming-of-age, because the one rule those people have to follow is to learn some kind of life lesson…but that didn’t happen. How about plot? Well, as mentioned twice above, Wolverine has no real plot or goal. He’s doing way too much with no real direction…he’s like a chicken with his head cut off. The only real plot going on is from William Stryker. However, you don’t know about the plot until the very end, which doesn’t make up for the rest of the flick, which didn’t reasonably have any plot.

So, one of the main issues in this film is how It didn’t really follow too closely with the comic book, and primarily – butchered the name of Deadpool.  Watching again, I don’t agree, because again…I believe in creative freedom. However, I only believe in it – in a tasteful light. What I mostly noticed here was wasted potential. There are all of these characters that you have learned to love, and they are there for maybe five minutes before they ultimately disappear or die. Then we keep getting introduced to potentially amazing characters, and I can’t e the only one that wanted to see more of them, but the focus on Wolverine was so high that ignoring or killing off these characters was easy as pie. I wasn’t mad that they changed things, just annoyed at making us want the impossible.

For an origin story, I thought X-Men Origins: Wolverine would be, well…better told all around. I have seen every X-Men film and TV show released, and each and every one of them have the ability to tell a very well put-together story. One that anyone could explain. Origins is what you consider the equivalent to a child’s messy room. What you’re looking for is somewhere inside, but you have to trudge through a lot of other meaningless stuff.

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