Grown Ups 2 (2013)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Even more pointless.

When it comes to the awards, you know as well as I do that comedies are generally looked over. Not enough acting, or real hard work for the critics to accept. I, on the other hand, love me a good comedy. Now…this is important…just because you have an ensemble cast of comedians doesn’t mean a movie will actually be any good…there still needs to be some genuine thought put into it. That being said, it’s hard to say no to Grown Ups 2. You know that it’ll probably not be all that great, and you’ll probably end up being sorely disappointed, but come on. Just look at that cast. You’ll be as guilty as I am for at least trying it out.

[Enter No Plot Here.]

You know, I bashed the first film quite a bit for its lack in any real plot, and I didn’t think that a sequel could have done that much worse, but amazingly, I was proven wrong. There is literally no plot here. At least in the first film, you could say, well…these guys had to get together for their friend’s funeral, and decided to make the best out of their Fourth of July weekend. That’s not much, really, but it’s more than this film, which I cannot begin to even describe. Its…the same guys doing the same things with absolutely no direction this time. This plot is what I’d like to add to the “Headless Chicken” category of plots…which is more or less self-explanatory. The best thing I can do for you is explain what happens scene by scene, but I’m sure you can look that up.

I will however, say that whatever the plot was, completely ignored an important element introduced in the first film: the very fact that these guys live separate lives. In the first, they meet for the first time in years, and they get to share old stories and live as they used to. For some reason, they all live in the same city now, and are still acting like they need to prove something. That they are youthful or something. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying that. It doesn’t match with the first flick’s way of thinking.

Now we get into the nitty gritty. Is this film funny? I wish it was, I really do, but it’s not. I would normally say, well…its touch and go, but it is so much more “go” than it is touch. You really do start to tire of old guys making poop and fart jokes while objectifying women. If that’s your thing, hey, you might actually enjoy it. If you really like a plot that goes somewhere, or jokes that are mindfully thought out, just do yourself a favor and stay away. Neither movie is really great in this aspect, but the first definitely makes more sense. The best part of Grown Ups 2 is the end scene – when they actually do something that is over-the-top silly. It makes no sense, but it’s comedic in a physical humor type of way and seems to fit right in.

The only thing missing here, though, is Rob Schneider. He played the rest of the cast’s good friend with the “hot daughters” in the first film…yet…there is no mention of him in the movie. Forget him, right? Oh well. It’s not like his presence would have actually made the movie any better, just a random thing I noticed.

Grown Ups 2 is quite simply put – the same guys doing the same thing with even less direction or plot than its predecessor.

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