The Spider-Man Collection (2002-2012)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Makes me smile.

Spider-Man. Who doesn’t love the little web-head? Personally, this web-crawler is one of my favorite heroes, mostly for what he stands for and where he came from. I probably shouldn’t squeeze them all together like this, because they are completely different series, but hey…why the heck not?

The reviews:

Alright, so here’s what basically goes down. Spider-Man is Peter Parker – the nerd of nerds who was bitten by this radioactive spider. Soon after, he gains some superpowers associated with a spider…well, super spider, that is. We have…super strength, sticky fingers, a spider sense for when danger is near, and webbing…depending on which version you’re watching. However, your basic idea is that he can do whatever a spider can.

Now, his foes differ, but his friends normally stay the same. Those are…Mary-Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Gwen Stacy. Depending on which version you watch, either Gwen or Mary-Jane will be his first love, and no matter what version you watch, MJ will always be Peter Parker’s true love.

The villains aren’t as important as Peter’s morals, which strongly include moral obligations, or as Uncle Ben would put it – with great power comes great responsibility. That line isn’t just iconic in spider-man, it’s deep in general. It speaks to society as whole, if they are willing to listen. The character of Spider-Man is an icon for losers everywhere, and a reason to see that where you lose, you can also win…if that makes any sense.

Throughout his journey, Spider-Man must remember the words of his uncle, as even Spider-Man has his own demons he must face. He must take care of himself before he can take care of others as the beloved superhero.

In general, this series is incredible.

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