Back to the Future (1985)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Another amazing classic.

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Whenever I review a movie on time travel, I usually start off with an introduction laying out the fact that I love time travel flicks. While this is true, I had to sit back and think back on why I love time travel flicks, and I think it has a lot to do with the Back to the Future franchise. I think the same is true for plenty of you as well. It’s hard to ignore how well done and memorable Back to the Future really was as a sole film as well as the first part of a trilogy, that in complete, feels like one very successfully told story.

Alright, so Marty is this pretty average guy. Not too popular, not too geeky, all the while riding around on a skateboard…all kind of like Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. His dad is pushover constantly bullied by his boss and former bully, Biff, and his mom is exhausted with life in general. When Doc Brown creates time travel through a Delorean, Marty is accidentally sent to the year 1955. This is where he also accidentally steps in his dad’s timeline, making his mom start to fall for him instead. It is up to Doc Brown to find a way to refuel the time machine while Marty finds a way to play matchmaker with his parents before he is erased from existence!

This is where the popularity came from for time travel flicks, folks. It may not be the first one, but it’s the most prominent one. Now maybe it’s out of sheer nostalgia, or maybe because it’s done really well, but I love this movie. I can say that the writers definitely knew what they were doing here, though. From the very beginning, you could see the movie planning ahead, introducing characters, personalities, and stories that you are sure to witness for yourself when Marty is sent back. Not only that, but it stops being predictable when Marty steps on that butterfly, completely changing history. This is the only movie in a while that jokes at a mom having the hots for her son and somehow gets away with it wonderfully. I guess the same type of thing happens later in the series, but this is where it started, and this is where all of the originality began.

Of course the film would be nothing without its chemistry between the characters on screen and the humor along the way. We are witnessing a fish-out-of-water scenario, and no matter the time period, somehow the characters have awesome chemistry and work so well together, especially Marty and Doc. They worked so wonderfully together that they deserved the two sequels the film received. Beyond that, the film is actually educational to a degree, when it comes to time periods and such. That’s why even future movies or reimaginings could be welcome, in my opinion.

For a time travel film, the message received, though loud and clear, was a strange one. It was clearly about gaining confidence and standing up to bullies, cleverly disguised behind the whole time travel thing and awkward humor. Seriously though, the antagonist to the flick was clearly Biff. Well…Biff and nature. There were plenty of elements of man vs. self, man, and nature here. For man vs. self – McFly Sr. needed to learn self-confidence in order to stand up to Biff and ask his future wife out. Man vs. man – clearly McFly vs. Biff and man vs. nature was the primary conflict here – getting back before getting erased from history.

This is one of the most memorable films. Ever. I needn’t even review this flick, because you probably already know how good it is. You probably could write down what happens in the movie scene by scene – it’s that memorable. Regardless, Back to the Future is just another one of those films that easily belongs in your movie collection. The whole series belongs there, actually. Buy the collector’s trilogy set. Do it. Go now.

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