The Back to the Future Collection (1985-1990)


Dave’s 3-Word Review
Great Scott, Yes!

They come out with thousands upon thousands a film a year. Most of which don’t even see the light of day. The ones that do see the light of day are still usually unoriginal at any rate. It’s really hard to find an original story with characters that we love for all of time anymore, and that’s a shame. To find those, we often have to look into the past. Fortunately, we don’t need a time machine to watch the Back to the Future trilogy. Hopefully, all we have to do is look at our home movie collection.


  1. Back to the Future
  2. Back to the Future Part II
  3. Back to the Future Part III

The Story of Marty McFly

I couldn’t tell you why Marty was a friend of Doc Brown. I may have missed that part or maybe it just doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that before the series began, the two knew each other and were friends. In October of 1985, Marty was surprised to find out that Doc Brown had actually created a time machine out of a Delorean. No advertisements there. When Doc is shot dead by a bunch of Libyan terrorists that Doc stole plutonium from, Marty hops in the Delorean to escape being their next target. When the car reached 88 mph, Marty was sent into 1955.

It is in 1955 where Marty meets his parents when they were his age. When he accidentally steps into his father’s timeline, his mother starts to fall in love with him instead. Conveniently having an image on him of himself and his siblings, he begins to see them vanish before his eyes. Time was being erased, which meant he was next. Marty found Doc 30 years younger and asked him to help. Doc would figure out a way to get the time machine back in order, and Marty would play matchmaker with his parents.

Well, there was a legendary lightning strike that would stop the clock in the clocktower forever. The exact time was actually known, and Doc planned to use the lightning strike and send 1.21 Gigawats into the Delorean driving at 88mph to send it “back to the future”. Long story short, Marty gets his parents together and heads back 10 minutes before he left in the first place to warn Doc Brown, because Doc wouldn’t read the warning letter he wrote Doc in 1955. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it back in time and Doc was shot dead again…only…he was wearing a bullet proof vest. He pieced together the letter, after all.

The next day, Doc showed up at Marty’s house and told him that there was something wrong with his kids in the future. So Jennifer and Marty head to the future. Marty has to stop Marty Jr. from getting arrested, setting off a chain of events that would ruin the McFly residence for all of time and space. After he sorts through that. Biff from the future gets a hold of the time machine, heads back to 1955, and gives his younger self the key to being rich, by cheating on every major sports team for the next century.

Doc and Marty must travel back to the year 1955 and, while the events of the first film take place, Marty must take back the sports almanac from young biff, fix time and return once again to 1985. So from this point on, we pretty much watch the first film all over again while a whole separate storyline is going on. Marty gets the almanac and they fix time, only…just before Marty is allowed to get back, Doc is struck by lightning, getting sent to the year 1885.

Marty found the Delorean that Doc had hid for 70 years, went back to 1885 and had to face off once again with a relative of Biff’s in the old west. Meanwhile, Doc finds love. The Delorean was out of gas, so being out of a gas station in the old west, they needed to find another way to make the car go 88mph. Their solution was to have it be pushed by a locomotive. Long story short, they push the car and it is sent into the future. Back in 1985, the Delorean is destroyed by an oncoming train. The movie ends, but not before teasing us with a new time machine…a flying train.

All in all, this is a pretty epic series, if you ask me. The morals are very strong and the characters have standards and are upright citizens that care about people and want to stand up to bullies. Each film has a different way of standing up to bullies, but it isn’t without weakness. Marty has the problem with letting things go. If anyone calls him a chicken, coward, or yellow, he feels an obligation to prove them wrong, which can get him into precarious situations. That’s what you get for not thinking clearly. By the end of the series, he learns to let go and walk away while making the bully look like the pathetic one. So there you go. Message learned.

Great series, honestly. If you have never seen any of them, I would suggest to watch every one, and I don’t do that often for an entire series.


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