Thor: The Dark World (2013)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Actually…not bad.

When it comes down to Marvel, I’ve never been that much of a fan of Thor. Mostly because Marvel is this incredible world where the make-believe transforms into the believable, for whatever reason. Versus DC, Marvel had the characters with the realistic backgrounds and personalities that we can connect the most with, and suddenly Thor pops in from another world, widely accepted as a legend of Norse Gods. I just didn’t buy it. So when Thor came around, I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I liked the film okay. I was even more worried with the sequel, given that they take away a few key ingredients that made the first one successful, but I surprisingly enjoyed Thor: The Dark World even more than the first installment.

Alright, so way back before time (if that makes sense), there are these evil elves that pretty much ruled…everything. The source of their power was something called the aether, a liquidy magical substance in which they are practically invulnerable with. Now, the Asgardians removed the elves from their aether, and pretty much took over ruling the universe. Years later, the elf king Malekith comes back when the aether takes over Jane Foster’s body. So, Thor brings her into Asgard to protect her from the dark elf. He even may need the help from a former foe…

Why did I fear this film? I feared it because it removed some of the best aspects that were introduced in the first film. First of all, the fish-out-of-water theme. When Thor was sent down to Earth, it was hilarious to see him struggle with our human customs vs his alien-customs. Second of all, Earth itself was a major element of the first film that I loved. Thor on Earth radiates this really nice polar opposite vibe that works well for the series. Thor: The Dark World primarily took place in Asgard. That decision alone removes those two amazing aspects of the previous film. However, I can say that even so, the movie is well done, because in general it is done differently.

The tone of the film is very much a fantasy world, and as such, is done pretty darn well. The set designs are incredibly immaculate and complex, and the action in this film is noticeably increased from the first time around. There were action scenes in this flick that were nothing less than incredible. For some reason or another, the use of action and visuals worked just as well as humor and character development in the first. I say that because in the end I was way more engrossed watching this film. Strangely enough, I could actually follow the complex storyline and multiple worlds used throughout.

I still wish that they implemented more Earth scenes in this than they did, but as it was, I was impressed with how much it successfully entertained me. I also wish that there was more of a connection to S.H.I.E.L.D. then there was, which was virtually nothing. Finally, in my small list of negative things to say about this flick, without giving anything away, the end could have been better. There is one moment where you may be rolling your eyes at the decision made in the writing room. I try not to judge a movie by its end scene unless it affects the film as a whole, making it feel useless. In this case, it doesn’t make it feel useless, but it makes me worry about future films…maybe that was too much, maybe not, but it’s just a little something that bothered me.

Thor: The Dark World is a really fun film that’ll have you tied to the seat while watching, but once it’s done, you still won’t have the urge to really buy it. It’s just fun, really.

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